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It's A Gin Thing...

It's A Gin Thing...

Back in fashion with a bang - are you embracing the gin and tonic boom? For too long us gin drinkers have accepted that ordering a G&T means being served a below average gin, drowning in tonic, with a limp slice of lemon and a lump of ice all plopped together in a tired looking tumbler!

THANKFULLY over the past few years we have been in the throes of a gin revolution and we are certainly raising a large, gin-worthy glass to the gin renaissance! At last our great British spirit is back in fashion!

Small batch, craft distilleries are popping up everywhere, all hoping to stake their claim in the increasingly competitive marketplace. As distillers continue to push the boundaries of flavour creativity, our pubs and bars are providing the consumer with an endless array of choice, in terms of gins, mixers, garnishes and glassware - hooray!

Gin loving ladies, and friends since their school days, Emma & Nicola, have taken the gin trend one step further…

They decided to turn their love of gin into an exciting business venture, to share their passion for gin with others through The Little Gin Company. The girls spend their days bringing gin, to the people, at both foodie events and festivals, serving a delicious selection of locally distilled and speciality gin drinks from the lovingly converted retro-style horse trailer, that is now a rustic yet boutique style MOBILE gin bar.

So when you glide over to our mobile gin bar, ready to relax with a G&T, after an energising and inspiring day at Soul Circus, you can expect nothing less than the full gin experience and only the finest selection of gin drinks to enjoy, from a bespoke menu that has been created in keeping with the Soul Circus theme.

P.S Did we mention that gin is also “healthy”(ish!!!)?...

We've all heard a glass of red wine is actually good for you…but what about if you fancy something slightly more refreshing on a sunny Soul Circus evening?

Made from an ever varied of list of botanicals such as juniper berries, coriander, cassia, nutmeg, sage, angelica root, and rosemary (among others), gin is a delightful concoction of natural and nutritious herbs. In short, gin is probably the “healthiest” choice of alcohol on the market today.

And although we’re gin obsessed, tonic also deserves some credit, being associated with it’s fair share of health benefits over the centuries. All thanks to it’s quinine content, once the go to cure for both malaria, and muscle cramps!

Of course, we’re not medical professionals, we’re simply gin enthusiasts! Trying to convince you that if you fancy an alcoholic tipple, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle - gin, the quintessential British bevvy, has a strong argument for being the drink of choice!

See you at the Bar!

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