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Evelyn's Jivamukti Yoga...

Evelyn's Jivamukti Yoga...

For me yoga practice and teaching goes beyond the physical (asana) practice. The word Yoga translates to mean 'to yoke' or union. When we practice yoga we are bringing awareness to the union of our mind and body as well as the connection to all other beings.  For me yoga practice starts the moment you wake up; it is your awareness and attitude, it is the lessons you learn inside the studio and how you apply them to your everyday life. It is the daily choices you make, how you nourish yourself and how you deal with all situations that arise. Yoga helps to create a strong body and a strong mind. It helps to change our perception on life to see all the positives and inspires us to find and to be our higher self.

I fell in love with the core philosophy and challenging asana practice of Jivamukti yoga and in 2014 I travelled to Costa Rica to do my 300 hour Jivamutki teacher training with Sharon Gannon and David Life.  Jivamukti yoga inspires the realisation of the oneness of being, discovering lasting happiness. This is expressed through five tenants:

- Ahimsa, non violence. Living with compassion to all living being and the environment
- Bhakti, Self-realization expressed through chanting or setting a higher intention
- Dyana, meditation
- Nada, deep inner listening
- Shasta, study of ancient yogic teaching and Sanskrit chanting

I also believe that to truly look after yourself this means preparing and eating a nourishing wholesome healthy diet. When we look after our bodies and nourish them properly we can be the best versions of ourselves, we are energised and enthusiastic. This passion of mine has led me to study at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, graduate as a health coach and continue to study nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Nutrition.

My classes inspire you to look deep within yourself and find your true and best self, challenge yourself, take you out of your comfort zone to the place where change can happen,  and find appreciation in all that you are.


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