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How Soul Circus was born... Matt's Words

How Soul Circus was born... Matt's Words

When I first moved to the UK from California a few years ago, I was totally enamoured with the idea of the British festival. Not only is it a culture we don’t have in the US but also it seemed an idyllic fantasy of what British summer country life would be like.

Sure, we have loads of summer music festivals and concerts in the States but nothing, (besides Burning Man), that is an immersive escape from the world we know everyday and a chance to escape through nature back to a simpler, carefree and more joyful life, like when we were kids.

Since then, I have tried many of them, from boutique to balls-out party time. And I have many good, and admittedly some rather lost memories of them too.

But festivals are big business and what was once a small, perfect-sized bijou, quickly turns into a bolthouse behemoth.

This past year, my business partners Roman and his wife Ella had what was billed as a ‘festival wedding’ over the course of three days in the Cotswolds. It was to date the most amazing wedding I have ever attended. And to be honest, the beautiful photo story of their wedding in Brides magazine did not even come close to doing the magic of the weekend justice.

So it dawned on us. What if?

 We love the smaller festivals like Wilderness that cater to a John Lewis-loving middle class market wanting adventure but not skimping on luxury and pampering. But what if instead of having the wellbeing as a sideshow to accompany the music, we flipped it around and made the focus the wellbeing, and had the music as the add-on extra?

A whole weekend of just being good to yourself and enjoying nature with a little bit of raucous fun instead of debauchery with a bit of detox rehab served on the side.

We threw the idea on Stunning Tents, who supplied the Cirque de Soleil quality tents and glamping accommodations, and they loved the idea of hosting a luxury wellness and yoga festival.

Soul Circus was born.

Wherever you are on your yogic journey, we want guests to have an ideal weekend. Our every effort is in pampering guests in every way. We decided to limit the numbers to 500 so it feels intimate but with enough people to be able to provide a wide range of delights, classes and activities.

With 18 classes a day, guests can fill their days with vinyasa flow and relaxing yin classes, or branch out and try circus aerial or body painting yoga.

 Whichever way you flow, you’ll learn from the UK’s best teachers who are coming from far and wide to host creative workshops and classes.

Not to mention there will be three distinct environments you will never get at your gym or studio at home: a party tent featuring DJ’s, live music and rave lighting; an ambient tent that will host both open air and steaming hot classes and an experiential tent with visual video projections on the walls to transport you to a different land.

And that’s just the yoga!! Music is the heartbeat of Soul Circus. Our experiences range from DJ-powered yoga classes to acoustic musical meditations to the electric main stage performances.

 Whatever your taste, you’ll enjoy artists all day and into the secret woodland rave at night. You may even discover your next musical crush.

After a long day of activities, you’ll need some healthy sustenance. So we are handpicking local food vendors and clever street food carts who will offer quick bites throughout the day along with family style, farm-to-table dinners offering the pleasure of a delectable organic meal with friends.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the kids or some spa time either! Soul Circus is totally family-friendly with dedicated kids activities and an on-site spa for some alone time as well!

Love Matt 

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