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Jess - Festival Love

Jess - Festival Love

After discovering yoga while living in New Zealand I quickly realized that it was something that I wanted to be more involved with than just attending class once or twice a week. I wanted to know about it. I wanted it to be part of my life in a bigger way. So I decided to spend several months in India, learning, practicing, training & exploring; before returning to the UK and moving to find my teaching feet in Cheltenham..

As far as Festivals go, they have played a big part in my life ever since my first festival experience in my teens. Aside from the music, which is hugely important to me, the attraction to festivals for me was the freedom that they provide. For 2..3..4..5.. days you get to detach yourself from normal everyday life; forgetting order and responsibilities, time keeping and needing to be anywhere and do anything. Basically, it’s a playground full of big kids and live music and that makes me happy. Now throw in the added element of yoga and it’s the jackpot.

So, with 134 days until curtains go up on day one of Soul Circus, us guys and gals behind the scenes are busy organising everything your heart desires to make Soul Circus a festival to remember!We want to make sure that your experience is that of excitement, fun, fulfillment, enlightenment, nurturement & freedom. And with that in mind, our awesome team will be on hand to help with your every need.

As you arrive you will be directed to your designated camping area where you can unload, pitch up & settle in to your new surroundings before heading to the main gates to pick up your wristbands & programs. 

From there Soul Circus is your Oyster..!

Maybe you want to get straight into a yoga class or workshop to get the blood flowing or perhaps you’d rather relax with a Gin gimblet and spa treatment to ease yourself in. Whatever your preference; the yoga loving, good times promoting, super friendly & helpful festival staff will be on hand to assist you.We can help you with anything from directing you to where you need to be; to helping you plan your days or simply to answer your questions & queries and deal with any issues that may occur.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you all!

Love Jess

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