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Meet Charlie - Soul Circus' Set Designer

Meet Charlie - Soul Circus' Set Designer

My name's Charlie and i'm a freelance Prop Stylist and occasional illustrator living in Crystal Palace and working from my studio in Peckham.

After graduating with a degree in Surface and Pattern Design i've been lucky enough to work within the art department of some great companies and with some lovely art directors and stylists. Whilst building up my own circle of clients I have worked on a huge range of projects - across television, theatre and books and have experience prop styling and set dressing for weddings, events, photography and filming. Clients include Jamie Oliver, Little Bird by Jools, Great British Menu, Pavilion Books, Primury Footwear, Bee's Bakery, BFI, Fresh One Productions, Sainsburys, Galbani Cheese, Laurence King Publishing, Bertolli Butter and The Berkeley Hotel.

I’m extremely passionate about creating beautiful things and spaces that capture a mood and convey a message and find the whole design process from start to finish hugely enjoyable and rewarding. It’s working to an individual client’s stylistic needs that makes this job fun and exciting for me and drives my personal and professional work creatively. I’m always looking to work on interesting projects with interesting people, make things look the best they can and have fun doing it, so it’s no wonder this project grabbed my attention!

I think the nature of the festival lends itself so well to creating a place for like-minded individuals to come and explore their passion and it’s such a wonderful opportunity to be really imaginative and original in the approach to the design. The initial brief for the decor was set to incorporate as many “handmade, up-cycled and unique ideas” as possible which means we can be completely creative in what we use - this is really exciting from a props and materials point of view. I want to dress both the indoor and outdoor spaces so that they can be enjoyed throughout the day and transform into the night enriching all festival-goers experiences throughout the weekend. Creative colour, lighting and visual aspects will all help to reflect everything that Soul Circus stands for.

I’m very excited to work with the whole team and can’t wait to create something brilliant!

I’m very excited to work with the whole Soul Circus team and can’t wait to create something brilliant!
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