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Big Smoke to the Countryside - Frankie Street

Big Smoke to the Countryside - Frankie Street

Transitions – Big Smoke to Countryside

I have had some challenging moments in my life, and one of the most challenging was what brought me to where I am today – living in Cheltenham, teaching you guys yoga.
I met my partner, David, at our rowing club in London nearly 3 years ago, and I fell totally head over heels for him. So when he told me that he was only in London for 2 years, and that he would be moving back to Cheltenham, I didn’t give it a second thought and when he asked me to move with him I told him I’d move anywhere for him… But 2 years is a long time, right? And when you agree to do something 2 years in advance you don’t really think about the ramifications of leaving a city you love, leaving friends you love, and leaving behind a life you’ve built for yourself. So as the months rolled by, and the time to leave came closer and closer, I started to freak out about moving my life, finding new friends and a new job, and finding a place where I fitted.

Being a new yoga teacher in London was hard – there are so many amazing teachers that you’re just another face in the crowd – and I’d done so much groundwork there that I was terrified of having to start all over again. I was considering going back to my safety net of the corporate world, but I knew that here I had a fresh start, that I could take everything I’d learnt from slogging it out in the London yoga scene and apply it.

So I dived in head first, made action plans, researched studios and gyms, and pestered the hell out of anyone even remotely connected to the Cheltenham yoga scene – covering for them, asking for their advice on who to speak to, and just generally not allowing them to forget who I was (I must have been a right pain in the a*se!!). And everyone who I spoke to was so welcoming and so generous that I started to realise that maybe London wasn’t where I was destined to be.

That this beautiful town in the Cotswolds was where my soul belonged. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all plain sailing – there were disappointments, tears, tantrums, David giving me a reality check on a weekly basis - but things started to come together. And now, 7 months into being here, I have a wonderful life, with wonderful people around me. 

I am where I’m meant to be.

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