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FRIDAY - Workshop Highlights

FRIDAY - Workshop Highlights

Good Yoga Life - Groove Om

Grab your guys and girls, cover yourself in sparkles and sequins and bring your sass to the mat, as we’ll be flowing to a Disco, 80s, 90s, Funk & Groove beat under the huge disco ball.

Share your sparkly FriYAY vibes with GROOVE OM! Yogidivas and hosts for the evening Emily (on the floor) and Kelly (on the decks).After class, stick around for hustling, limbo, a glass of Moet or two it is Fri-YAY yo!

Join Doug - Martial Yoga 
Join Doug as he introduces you to the fundamentals of martial yoga. Incorporating gymnastics style conditioning and warm up, basic martial arts strikes from wushu, Muay Thai and capoeira and simple hand balances and handstand variations. You'll kick, punch and stretch yourself into asanas and access your inner warrior with a unique vinyasa flow. This workshop will be fun, challenging and empowering. 


Daniela Olds - Friday night Yang Yin SOUL SESSION - with Live DJ  

Mixture of Vinyasa flow with a deep YIN ending. A delicious warm up following with a strong Yin session all to the sound track of a soulfull live DJ set.

Tracy Sadler - Raw chocolate and funky flow mix up - Live DJ

After a funky, heart opening flow to a live dj mix, indulge your heart with some pure cacao bliss! Enjoy Tracy's soft centred, raw vegan organic chocolate to continue your heart chakra enlightenment.

Dan Peppiatt - Blindfolded Yoga: The Movement of Mindful Perfection

To remove the sense of sight brings a greater sense of depth to our physical practice; we become unconcerned with both everyone else around us and with what a pose  looks.

Finally we stop  thinking our practice and start to  feel it, the essence of yoga in the truest sense.

 In this session for all abilities we move slowly through increasingly challenging postures, no names are given in Sansrkit or English, only simple instructions for your mind and body to interpret as feels right. Accompanied by a deep and rumbling bass heavy playlist, we finish with a long yoga nidra. By the time the session has ended we guarantee that you won’t want to take the blindfolds off and return to the real world again!

This is one of the core practices of Dans Yoga Like Water practice and teacher training, the rapid progression that students discover both mentally and physically through repeated blindfolded practice is incredible!

Julia Rose - Yoga Fundamentals Workshop

In this workshop Julia will break down the basic shapes of the most commonly used asanas. You will learn how to develop strength, understand alignment and build confidence in your practice. You will then take what you've learned and put it into motion with a full rounded flow. This is perfect for anyone fairly new to yoga and wants to warm up for the weekend!

GET HIGH w/ Persia & Joey Wilderness

Whether you’re looking to reduce the stress + anxiety of modern life, become more present, grounded + inspired, learn new techniques that will substantially improve your performance in your health, wellness + general life goals or simply help you prepare for an amazing festival experience, this dynamic + unique meditation session is for you.

Led by author, speaker + love coach Persia Lawson, you'll be guided through a series of powerful visualisations that will clarify what you most want to achieve and attract into your life this year. The session will also help get you into the right mind-frame and emotional state so that ‘thing’ or desire can manifest in your reality.

Set to a modern 'trip-hop' playlist (with some live singing and guitar thrown in for good measure) you'll leave this session feeling hugely positive, uplifted + ready to take on the world (and festival!) - Come along to experience it for yourself!

Kathy Ran - Old Skool Funk and Flow

Bring on dynamic vinyasa flow with funky sequencing and sweet amazing music. This session will build strength and empowerment in a steady and creative vinyasa sequence. Workshop is filled with Sun Salutations, standing poses, arm balances, hip openers and backbends. Be prepared to play hard and have serious fun!



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