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Jamie - Executive Chef - Soul Circus

Jamie - Executive Chef - Soul Circus


There is no love, sincerer than the love of food...

We live in an age overwrought with manipulative and deceiving fad diets with all the latest ‘superfood miracles’, and it can start to feel like eating healthily is too much hard work!

But eating good food is actually pretty simple, when we cut out the jargon and all the confusing messages in the media. Instead of limiting our attention to calories and macros, let’s find the joy in our food again, by shifting our focus and energy to where our food
comes from, who produced it, giving gratitude, and paying more attention to how our food has been prepared, cooked, consumed and enjoyed.
Let's also embrace conscious consumption.

Everything we eat is ultimately our own choice – so we can take responsibility and invest
wisely in what we put on our plate. 

And as consumers, the food choices we make can be pretty influential and make a big difference. The more we show food producers that we want healthy and nutritious food, the more we’ll see it on store shelves. 

So let’s vote with our forks, knives and chopsticks!

"Nourish the physical, mental and spiritual sides of yourself"

Delicious nourishing foods have the power to nurture our body, mind and Soul. Food can be a comfort and a source of joy, health and wellness – or it can be a battleground.

For me, the secret to a long-term healthy, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle diet is to nurture our own personal relationship with food. The foods we consume everyday either drains or replenishes our sense of balance and energy. And eating, savouring and celebrating plantbased and unprocessed foods is an amazing way of connecting and
respecting the elements and gifts from the earth.

Choosing food that helps us relate to our environment also helps us find a more intimate and profound relationship with our food – creating a positive connection with our bodies and sense of wellbeing.

‘’Respect for life is respect for food, for who we are is what we eat’’

As the saying goes, we are what we eat! So let’s eat to thrive – not just
to survive.

Consuming foods that have been mass-produced in factories or intensively and in-humanely reared animals will without a doubt impact our life force in a negative way.
But by adding a variety of unadulterated raw, cooked and fermented wholegrain plant based foods, we can create the foundation for a healthy and happy life.

My approach to a holistic lifestyle is to embrace a wholefood plantbased
diet with variety, diversity and a rainbow of colour. Most important of all - simplicity is key! Let's not complicate things. Eat plenty of fibre rich foods, live fermented ingredients, and food that makes you feel good inside and out.

Take care of what you put on your skin – it’s the largest organ of the body, but it’s easy to take for granted!

And finally, don’t forget to feed your mind and soul. Feed it positive thoughts. Plant positive seeds and intentions, water them with daily practices like yoga, exercise and meditation - and watch them grow and flourish!



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