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Meditation With Miriam

Meditation With Miriam

Friday Sunset Meditation:
Calm and Centred Meditation
Starting with a slow and restorative yoga practice, I'll guide you through awakening your awareness throughout your body. This peaceful, gentle movement practice is the perfect setup to moving deeper into your mind, as you start to nurture a sense of calmness and focused awareness with a guided mindfulness meditation, leaving you feeling centred and grounded - and ready for the amazing weekend ahead. 
Saturday Sunrise:
Cultivate Loving Kindness Meditation
Open up your body and heart to feelings of compassion, joy and loving kindness, for yourself and everyone around you. We'll start with a slow heart opening yoga practice to prepare your body for the inner work to follow - then softly ease your heart open through a guided loving-kindness meditation, to welcome positivity, light and kindness.
Sunday Sunrise:
Everything is Connected Meditation
As the festival comes to its last day, this morning session starts off slowly, easing you back into your body with an easy-going slow yoga practice. Then we'll move into stillness with a guided meditation focused on awakening joyful awareness, and a feeling of profound connection with everything around you. 

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