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More Weekend Highlights!

More Weekend Highlights!

Hypnoga - Sunday

Change your Mind
Change your Life

In this workshop we take a look into how our thoughts shape our reality. We will explore; thoughts, beliefs, unconscious programming and how these alter our perception, our life experience and how the universe responds to these thought patterns. We'll take a new look at our emotions as a guidance system to our thoughts, and understand how learning to guide our thoughts through meditation and self hypnosis is the foundation to consciously creating our experience, and being master builders of our worlds! In this class you can expect; how the universe works(law of attraction), guided meditation, asana, hypnosis and deep relaxation.

Relax Me Happy

Happiness Coach Zofie will be running a unique session where she’ll share some of her favourite happiness tips alongside a taste of her hugely popular guided relaxation. It’s designed to quieten even the busiest of minds and using this process she’ll expertly guide you back to centre and bring about a deep state of calm. The intention is for you to leave this power hour of self-care with some practical tips and guidance and the mental clarity to manage any curveballs life throws your way. Plus, you’ll be in an awesome headspace to enjoy the rest of the festival!

Friday Twilight

Come 'Melt into Motion' at twilight in the Enchanted Forest at Soul Circus
A 'Tribal Yoga Dance' Workshop to explore your 'Wild Spirit'. Tribal Yoga Dance embodies Sacred Dance Fusion and Expressive Yoga practices all in one. Inspired by Shiva Rea this creative yoga flow and exploration of movement is to a playlist of tribal drums, ecstatic dance and global yoga music and will carry us through a transformational journey.
Golden tattoos, tribal markings, a beautiful playlist and live drums will make this an extra special evening.

The Hocus Pocus of Handstands with Handstand Yogi

Calling all handstand geeks! Whether you are a first time flyer or an acrobatic pro, this is a great chance to explore the finer points of going upside down. Expect to sweat as Gabby will take us through some accessible (and some challenging!) circus drills to help us build up specific strength and mobility before Ash adds the Yin to the mix with a gentle unwinding sequence towards a well-earned Savasana. Open to all levels of experience, Ash and Gabby will be around afterwards to answer any questions and will also be holding a 'handstand myth busting session' on Saturday evening for those yogis wanting to get even geekier!

Handstand Myth Busters with Handstand Yogi

What are the benefits of handstand? Why are handstands so popular in yoga? What is the fastest route to handstand? All questions that circus performer Gabby and yoga teacher Ash will answer in this cosy tea-fuelled gathering. They will also read a section from their new book 'The Handstanding Yogi', target some key handstanding myths and field any questions you have about going upside down! This is an asana-free zone, and a great chance to get super geeky.

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Plus with Charlie Taylor Rugman

Come and practice the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series as you have never experienced it before. Join Charlie as he guides you through a 90-minute class based on the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series with plenty of additional postures added to the sequence to really give you an invigorating practice. There’ll be plenty of alignment cues and a constant focus on developing the strength and flexibility you need to really deepen your yoga practice, whatever styles you usually practice. Suitable for those with some yoga experience.

Meditative Yin Yoga with Francesca Muniesa

Perfect as a balance to a strong dynamic yoga practice, a busy, hectic life or if you just want to find that still point in a Yin yoga pose. There will be long, slow holds, often up to 5 minutes, and plenty of time to explore our edges. Focusing on stimulating the hips and spine, which releases stiffness in our joints.

A quiet, introspective, meditative focus. Space and time to really notice what's going on in our bodies, our breath and beyond. When we allow ourselves to slow down and pause, we invite balance, ease, feelings of calm and self acceptance.

Come and join the Yin crowd!

Super Sunday Salutations with Charlie Taylor Rugman

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) is the basis of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and also underpins any vinyasa-based or flow class. Come and find out techniques guaranteed to revolutionize your Sun Salutations and improve your alignment, your strength and your jumping back and forwards. Suitable for everyone.

'Be Water: Exploring the Liquid State'

Join Yoga Like Water as we guide the liquid body and mind into unfamiliar shapes and places to see what it rally means to be formless, shapeless, like water. An explorational class of freeform yoga asana for all abilities leading naturally into a guided yoga nidra with a watery theme.

Starwars Yoga

Stress has engulfed the GALACTIC REPULIC and the Supreme Chancellor has dispatched several covert JEDI YOGA classes to combat it in hopes of reaching better harmony in the galaxy.
Join the Movement and AWAKEN YOUR FORCE by learning the techniques of the Jedi from someone who has actually fought in GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY. This secret meeting of the chosen few with help you find the force within you. You will train using traditional asana as well as learn some fighting techniques and put your LIGHT SABER SKILLS to the test to be ready for IMPERIAL FORCES and challenges alike.
Sign up now for the original class as no doubt this will spark an ATTACK OF CLONES.

Emily Young Presents: Friday 'Let's Kick Off Flow'

Linking conscious breath with a vigorous, playful and mindful flow. Emily will guide you through safe shoulder stabilisers and heart openers that build to a flow of kicks, flips, jumps and soft landings.

Emily Young Presents: Sunday Yoga Anatomy

Emily's intent is to encourage yogis to familiarise and understand some basic anatomy of their own bodies in order to increase mindfulness in yoga class, and to provide a rationale for why we we do what we do when we practice. This brings real acceptance of self. The session will include some asana, discussion and partner work.


We’ve all been moved by a wonderful piece of music. We all know how pleasant certain sounds can be – like the sound of falling rain or ocean waves – and what a profound effect they can have on our consciousness. There are, of course, scientific reasons behind these effects. Once they’re understood, it’s possible to reproduce them and put their wonderful power to use.
Soundscape creates exclusive sessions of music, yoga and sound healing meditation! Participants are given wireless headphones and everyone is fed the same music, curated by electronic music producer, DJ and vocalist, Michelle Cade. Participants will be led through a yoga practice with Emma Bonnici though their headphones accompanied by a journey of sound – the perfect opportunity for you to practice without any outside noises or interruptions. Closed with a binaural beats meditation and head massage.

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