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SATURDAY - Workshop Highlight

SATURDAY - Workshop Highlight

Marcus Veda - Rock it Rocket: A Pranarama Lift-off.

A supercharged music-led flying vinyasa practice to beats.
Rocket yoga gives you wings. We will be using the rhythm of the breath with the bassline of the bandhas to get lift-off physically and energetically, in a constant flowing sequence synced to a specially produced soundtrack. You are encouraged to find lightness in attitude and approach to the practice, with all the inversions, arm-balances and backbends Rocket throws at you. It's not about achieving any postures but feeling in them. The vinyasa of breath and movement doesn't stop from the Sun salutations til savasana.

Prepare to fly.

Using his background as a DJ, Marcus will lead the powerful practice with a focus on rhythm and control of breath.

Will Young - The art of listening

 Do we focus enough on truly listening to people? It is something that needs to be worked on. Too often we are waiting to impose what we want to say, or what we think, whereas to actually sit and truly hear someone is a wonderful way to connect with people. To be properly heard, is to be validated, and to be validated is to be shown acceptance. In this talk and Q&A, Will shall discuss the importance of being heard and why it doesn't happen, and how we can look at co-dependence and boundaries to create better friendships, relationships, working lives and ultimately look after ourselves.


Steffy White - Mandala Flow - A journey through the elements

Join Steffy White for an invigorating 90 minutes of Mandala flow - A journey through the elements. This class is for those of you who LOVE to move and breathe, who like creative sequencing and who aren’t afraid of trying something new.  Steffy is going to lead you through a mandala style vinyasa, we will create heat, sweat, and big audible breath.  Mandala vinyasa is Steffy's personal favourite style to practice and she is really excited to share this with you.  We will be circling the mat 360′ degrees to start, with creative style sun salutes introducing the elements.  Mandala vinyasa is so wonderful as all levels can practice beside one another.  There is loads of ways to take the pose further for those of you who may be advanced and for people with less experience, modifications and resting is always welcome.   Basically, just get ready to play and move in some of the most creative and beautiful breath led flows you can imagine. And lucky for us, we always end with Yin – YAY! 

 Emma Brooke Gilding - 'The Happiness Plan' - Six steps to help you create consistent ease, flow and love in your life and relationships 

In an informal and light-hearted space, I'll guide you through the key tools and techniques I use with my private clients to empower you to take control of your life, and create space for authentic and loving relationships, without losing yourself in the process. We focus in on how to enthusiastically show up for your life, take control and make conscious decisions, as well as learning powerful reframes around forgiveness and feeling judged. Throughout all this you will be held with a strong loving compassion and focus on finding fun in your life. This is about choosing love over fear, and doing it consistently and joyfully!

Emma Michael - In Tribute of The Psoas

The psoas is an important, yet often neglected muscle that plays a crucial role in your physical and mental wellbeing. Often referred to as "the muscle of the soul" it can be tight and cause lower back pain. It also has a unique connection to our breath, our nervous systems and how we engage with the world around us.

In this asana class we will work with the psoas and it's supporting muscles. We will move our bodies learning how to sense it, how to strengthen and how to release it. We will explore it's relationship to our emotions, and work with our breath to understand it's relationship to chakras and prana. 

Daniela Olds - Power of Upside down - Inversions workshop

A warm up power flow going deep into handstand practice with pranayama. Followed by a deep release of cortisol, upper body strength, shoulders & hip flexors, balance control with breath - the ultimate meditative preparation.

Kelly Brooks - Klub Yoga

Klub Yoga is a modern  yoga  class with a twist, uniting the euphoric energy of music with the bad arse moves of  yoga ,  synchronised to make you bend to the beat. You may not think of  yoga  as being sociable or fun but we encourage you to put on your finest lycra, and get there early for the transformation table. You don't need to be flexible to join the  Klub Yoga so  bring your most sceptical friends to move, laugh and try something new. 

We celebrate getting a buzz - without the hangover  something new.  You don't need to be flexible to join the Klub Yoga revival. We celebrate getting a buzz - without the hangover 

Chris Magee -Enter The Dragon

Legend tells us of the Koi fish that fights its way upstream, and makes its way all the way to the top of the waterfall, is rewarded and transformed into a mighty Dragon. The Koi is seen as a symbol of perseverance and aspiration, and the Dragon as the ultimate figure of wisdom. These are the themes we will explore in this fun, and challenging, martial arts inspired flow. Suitable for all levels, we will breakdown the fears and struggles that arise during our time on the mat, conquer our own waterfalls, and emerge transformed by the journey.

Expect sweat, smiles and slick ninja moves! 

Naturally Sassy - Ballet Blast

Ballet Blast is a fast, ballet inspired cardio workout that fuses high intensity interval training with classical dance principles.

This method is by no means exclusive to dancers; it's about getting the most out of your fitness class, whatever your experience level, whatever your age!  

Marc Laws -  When others go low, we go high...

Wonder what this could mean? Only one way to find out. Mind, body and soul needed for this workshop. (All Levels)

Durga Devi and The Mighty Power of Love Kirtan

We all resonate at different frequencies and these change according to what we are doing and thinking. When we are all doing the same thing (chanting, breathing, and moving to the same rhythms) our vibrations begin to synchronize and the resulting experience can be very powerful... join us for this special kirtan with The Mighty Power of Love.
A meeting of likeminded souls with an equal passion for yoga and music gave birth to The Mighty Power of Love. Members Durga Devi, Rachel Middleton, Huma and Ben Hazleton build on the ancient Bhakti tradition of chanting to create a new musical experience that inspires and uplifts.


The practice of Dharma Yoga will touch on all aspects of Yoga through the classical system of Hatha-Raja, providing daily techniques, which include asana, pranayama, meditation, spiritual talks, chanting as prescribed by the Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. A devotional practice that emphasises good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. A challenging, yet graceful and meditative practice.

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