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Soul Circus 2017 - Cafe Manifesto

Soul Circus 2017 - Cafe Manifesto

Soul Cafe Manifesto

Togetherness through sharing and enjoying food, it unites us all.

Support: We support our suppliers, guests, staff, farmers, growers and producers. We build relationships and make friends. The more we can help you grow the better we all grow and flourish together

Experience: Food is a multi sensory experience. We bring music, people, stories, dance and art into the soul circus cafe experience

Nurture and respect Our personal relationship with what we choose to consume and the planet we borrow our food from.

Balance:A little bit of what you fancy does you good. Lets not freak out about every minuscule calorie and macro %.. Eat, drink, dance and be merry.  Consciously consume with positive vibrations for your beautiful magical body.

Quality: We meticulously source and select the finest ingredients and work with farmers, growers, artists and suppliers that share our vision, ethos and aspirations  

Variety Is the spice of life, our dishes and menus are influenced by various techniques and flavour profiles from around the world.

Sustainability:Everything we consume impacts the health of our environment, we take a proactive approach and analyze every aspect of our environmental impact and come up with creative and fun ways to reduce our carbon footprint and combat food waste

Gratitude: We celebrate good food and embrace gratitude for being fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the gift of delicious food

Education: Through a variety of education and inspiration workshops and interactive talks and debates we aim to feed you nuggets of valuable knowledge to empower you in  your onward journey in life

Connection:Our cafe is a place make new friends, have fun, unwind and share stories. A time to disconnect from social media and life outside of the circus. It’s a time to tune into all the interesting and beautiful people you are surrounded by, explore, be free and have fun (engage in verbal intercourse!!!) who knows what adventures the conversations may take us on...

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