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SUNDAY - Workshop Highlights

SUNDAY - Workshop Highlights

Taylor Harkness - Easy Like Sunday Morning: Lazy Restoration
Chill out in your pajamas with good tunes and lazy, restorative yoga to bring balance back to the body.
Life is often way too much go go go. Slow down in this class, chill for a bit, and unwind with purposeful yet lazy, restorative yin yoga. We’ll spend time opening the hips, spine, and shoulders while countering the negative effects of gravity on our bodies and a hectic lifestyle on our minds. Feel free to come in pajamas, bring your favorite pillow, and prepare for stretching your body back to its natural state of freedom and mobility. This class is yummy.


Dan Peppiatt - Finding Lightness in Asana: Core Stability and the Bandhas (90 mins)

Exploring the essential understanding of core strength, core stability, the bandhas and how they can help us to float through our practice with ease and grace.

Have you ever looked at a well practiced yoga teacher or another yogi in class and wondered how they seem to move so gracefully between poses? How they seem to float though their transitions without any effort? Chances are that they understand the elusive skills of core stability and bandha engagement....and not only this but they know precisely how and when to activate them.

In this workshop we will explore the bandhas and how they create lightness from the ground up, answering questions such as:

What are the bandhas and core stability and how are they related?

What is the difference between core strength and stability?

How can we connect to our core muscles and how do we actually recruit them when we need them in our practice?

So many questions and all of them and more will be answered in this session of challenging but fun practice and exploration! Prepare yourself to take off into a new, lighter way of practicing.

Suitable for all abilities this is a fun practice and exploration in which we will bring an entirely new level of control and lightness to our yoga asana practice.


(Animal|Om) Come and swim with dolphins, spin with monkeys, leap with leopards and walk with giraffes. Then learn how your evolutionary past and animal instincts can re-ignite your yoga practice with power, strength, grace and agility.  In this workshop, Ryan will lead you through a short yoga flow session combining Martial arts elements to warm the body followed by a series of animal locomotion techniques relating to spinal awakening, pelvic, shoulder and core stability.  These techniques will be broken into easy to digest steps guaranteed to help find your inner animal spirit.  Go wild!

Ashley Hunt - Sunday Relax

Join  Ashley Hunt for a relaxing end to your festival experience, learning to connect and unwind through meditation. Have you been wanting to try meditation but weren't sure where to start? Or, perhaps you've tried meditation but are struggling to keep a regular practice. No matter what your experience level, this workshop will help you discover meditation and mindfulness on your own terms and develop a routine that works specifically for you and your lifestyle. An intimate experience where you'll discover ho to free yourself from your inner critic, connect deeply with yourself and those around you and define your purpose. Finish with a refreshing guided meditation that will see you float away feeling lighter, clearer, stress free, and inspired. Everyone welcome.

Donna Noble - everyBODY is a yoga body
This workshop will demonstrate that everyBODY is a yoga body. The aim of which is to dispel some of the myths - I don’t have a yoga body, I can't touch my toes etc. 
You'll learn how to connect to your body and experience your world from the inside out.  Learning how to trust the process of life and "go with the flow ". 
Experience how to make the yoga work for your body and not your body work for the pose. Learning how to love your body and become more self-confident.   


Kathy Ran - Wheel Yoga

The Yoga Wheel is an extraordinary prop used for deepening your backbends and gaining flexibility in the shoulders, chest, hip flexor and quads. It does so safely and painlessly by supporting your spine and stabilizing your back so that backbends are achieved with minimal compression between the spinal vertebrae. In addition to making backbends more accessible, it also serves as a prop for learning inversions and arm balances.

In this workshop, Kathy will guide you step by step towards establishing a correct and safe practice of working with this prop. Open your heart to joy

Chakra and Sounds with Ian & Tracy
You may be more affected by an imbalance in your chakras then you think. These 7 major energy centres within each and everyone of us are under constant stress and attack from many different factors. When we are out of balance our chakras can become blocked resulting in illness and dis-ease in our physical being.
Tracy will lead an hour asana practice including the use of breath, pranayama, to focus in on each of these chakras starting from the root up. Bringing in space and rebalance. 
Using the purity of Crystal Bowls Ian Kershaw will close the evening by taking you on a 30 minute sound journey playing single tones in isolation or combining tones that may excite or calm the senses. This will be finished off with a grounding sequence to keep you safe for the journey home feeling refreshed and balanced.
A slice of yummy Raw Happy cake and kombucha will be served to conclude the evening. 
Ambra Vallo - Rocket Masterclass
Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga, that is known for its love for floating and flying. With plenty of upper body strengthening, inversions, arm balancing, back bending and spinal twists it will invigorate and awake your nervous system. This is an Asthanga based practice created for the westerners from Larry Shultz, the founder of the rocket yoga. There will be plenty of variations and modifications to suit all levels. 

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