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Yoga Class Timetable

Yoga Class Timetable

Well here it is; the yoga class timetable for Soul Circus. But, we still have seven daily aerial yoga classes with Hazel Sheppard as well as an outdoor schedule which will be added nearer to the event. 


  Location Class Teacher
Sail Tent Chakra Opening & Balancing Vinyasa Emily Young
Sail Tent Budokon Animal Flow Ryan CM
Sail Tent Rocket 3 - Masterclass Ambra Vallo
Sail Tent Plenish Masterclass - Yoga Twists For Digestive Health Jessica Skye
Sail Tent Yoga in the Womb of Dub Party Dan Peppiatt
Hot Tipi Juicey Warm Back Bends Evelyn Cribbin
Hot Tipi Pranayama & Vinyasa Hannah Rutherford
Hot Tipi Arm Balance Break Down Taran Boynton
Hot Tipi Core Yoga Tom Burlinson
Hot Tipi Martial Arts Fusion Flow Ryan CM
Hot Tipi Restorative Karen Maidment
Hot Tipi Gloga Rave Kathy Ran & Aimee Garcia-Marshall
Experience Broga Kick off Party Matt Miller
Experience Dynamic Vinyasa Jenny Clark
Experience Abbies' Art Class Abbie Guilding
Experience Shakti Power Medative Flow Tracy Sadler
Experience Shake Your Asana Aimee Garcia-Marshall
Experience Ibiza Sunset Chilled House Henrietta Greene
Experience Heart Opening Anusara Kathy Ran
Outdoor Firefly Kids Yoga Firefly
Outdoor Sunset Meditation Miriam Pethania



 Location Class Teacher
Sail Tent Lead Primary Series Ashtanga  Charlie Taylor-Rugman
Sail Tent Anatomy of Yoga Body Painting Karen Kirkness
Sail Tent Shine On Taylor Harkness
Sail Tent Rocket Marcus Veda
Sail Tent Jivamukti Durga Devi
Sail Tent Turning Into Your True Self Emma Bonnici
Sail Tent Finding Your Fire  Handstand Yogi 
Sail Tent Silent Disco Kanga Events (Emma Bonnici)
Experience Morning Meditation  Guest Slot
Experience Gong Sound Bath Ian Kershaw
Experience Vinyasa With Live Singing Kate Lister
Experience Yin Stewert Heffernann
Experience The Big Chill - Thai Massage Workshop Ann Carroll
Experience Yin Evelyn Cribbin
Experience Vinyasa Frankie Street
Experience Hypnoga Hannah Burman
Experience Tribal Beats Vinyasa Lotte Bowser
Experience Mighty Power of Love Kirtan Durga Devi
Experience Guest Slot Guest Slot
Hot Tipi Floating and Flying Dan Peppiatt
Hot Tipi Vinyasa Katrina Kurdy
Hot Tipi Pineal Light Therapy Ian Kershaw
Hot Tipi Vinyasa Flow Jess Morris
Hot Tipi Dharma Mitra Ambra Vallo
Hot Tipi Firefly Kids Yoga Firefly Yoga 
Hot Tipi Yin the Spinal Sutra Karen Kirkness
Hot Tipi Hot Rocket Kathy Ran
Hot Tipi Yin/Chilled Emily Young
Outdoor Sunrise Meditation Miriam Pethania
Outdoor Abbies' Art Class Abbies' Art Class
Outdoor Firefly Kids Yoga Firefly Yoga 



 Location Class Teacher
Sail Tent Detox Flow Emily Young
Sail Tent Heart Opening/Fear Releasing Stewert Heffernann
Sail Tent The Oyster Taylor Harkness
Sail Tent Primary with intro to Secondary Series Taran Boynton
Sail Tent Yoga Anatomy Emily Young
Sail Tent Good Life Yoga - Disco Yoga (Closing Cermony) Kelly McHugh
Experience Pranayama Charlie Taylor-Rugman
Experience Old School Jam Aimee Garcia-Marshall
Experience Thai Massage & Partner Yoga Ann Carroll
Experience Acro Yoga Guest Slot
Experience Jivamukti Evelyn Cribbin
Experience Partner Yoga  Kathy Ran & Aimee Garcia-Marshall
Hot Tipi Reggae Beats Warm Vinyasa Tracy Sadler
Hot Tipi Hip Openers Tom Burlinson
Hot Tipi Let's Get Strong Alice Taylor-Rugman
Hot Tipi Hot Dynamic Flow Sarah Lindsay
Hot Tipi Beginners  Mary Grinstead
Hot Tipi Firefly Kids Yoga Firefly

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