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YOGA meaning to Unite. Unite Breath | Body | Brain

YOGA meaning to Unite. Unite Breath | Body | Brain

When I began my Yoga journey I knew it would be awesome. I was searching for a way to move my body but more so I was looking for a way to be at peace with myself. I wasn't however expecting it to be so expansive, so all encompassing, so radically life changing!

Yoga to Heal

You know when you read an incredible book and you wish you could buy a copy for every person you know, so that it might touch them in the same way it touched you? That is how I felt / feel about Yoga.

I had always struggled with body shape challenges, low self-esteem and shame around the way my body looked and felt. I had been working to act with compassion towards myself for many years BUT those negative thoughts would still rear their ugly head and I would get sucked beneath the waves of shame.

As a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach I witness so many men and women experiencing this same self-loathing. Unable to see how wonderful there body is, just to be able to move freely without pain, without restriction.

Yoga brings a feeling of grace and strength all at the same time. The size and shape of your body is no longer important as it moves from asana to asana. Breathing, flowing, moving in harmony. Your thoughts left firmly at the door.

Yoga to Empower

Practising yoga means that we have to relinquish the desire for perfection. We have to slow down, connect more deeply to our breath, and quieten our thoughts. It’s Moving Meditation. Yoga restores our sense of playfulness. It teaches us to let go of the need to look good in favour of feeling good.

All too often we dim our light in order to fit in with others. We tell our selves we are no good to avoid disappointment. We hang back when we need to be courageous and strive forward!

Practising yoga off of the mat by working with the Eight Limbs of Yoga allows us to embrace our journey to wellbeing, our journey to happiness, our journey to contentment. Ahimsa teaches us to no longer harm ourselves with harsh words, thoughts and actions, while Santosha encourages us to be grateful for all of the little things in our life which we so often take for granted.

Yoga as Therapy

With over a decade of clinical, therapeutic and coaching experience I love nothing more than to use yoga as a powerful form of therapy.

Now more than ever we need to develop resilience in our modern world. Our mind has become hyper-stimulated, constantly distracted and continually switched on. In the pressure to be more, do more, have more, achieve more we find ourselves overwhelmed and burnt out. In order to be the best we can be, to fulfil our potential we must learn how to balance periods of full throttle with moments of deep rest; to recharge, refocus and renew.

So why not come and balance your yoga play with a little therapeutic yoga love at the hottest yoga festival this summer? I’ll be sharing my therapeutic yoga on Friday the 19 th August along with a very

special therapeutic coaching workshop entitled Delving into Your Dream ~ discover and realize your path to contentment.

Karen x

Health & Nutrition Specialist, Yoga Teacher

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