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'Shine On; The Science of Optimism'

'Shine On; The Science of Optimism'

Taylor Harkness is joining us all the way from the USA! Taylor will be holding his 'Shine On; The Science of Optimism' workshop on Saturday. Let him help you get on the right track to living with passion, authenticity, quality relationships, and happiness.

We all know that being a human is often times hard. Being an adult human with all of the responsibilities of modern life is even harder. But great minds from ancient philosophers to modern psychologists alike believe that the greatest part of the human

experience is our ability to be thoroughly present and happy. Some even say this is our ultimate purpose. This class is unlike any other in that we’ll discuss what it is to drop shitty, stifling habits, to come alive, to be passionate about what we do, and to feel fulfilled. This discussion followed by a yoga practice is aimed at reinvigorating our attitudes and making healthy choices toward happiness.

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