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Workshop Timetable

Workshop Timetable

As we get closer to our festival, we thought we would share with you a brief overview of our yoga timetable and in specific the workshop timetable. 

The full timetable will be released in August. The full timetable will also include kids yoga classes, outdoor classes and arts & crafts schedule. 

All the workshops listed below will be held in our main Sail Tent which is big enough to hold 80 to 100 mats.


A total of 24 classes planned including the following workshops. 

Chakra Balancing Vinyasa - Emily Young

Budokon Animal Flow - Ryan CM

Heart Opening Anusara - Kathy Ran

Plenish - Twist & Nutrition - Jess Skye

Rocket 3 - Ambra Vallo


A total of 32 classes planned including the following workshops. 

Lead Primary ASHTANGA class - Charlie Taylor Rugman

Anatomy of Yoga Body Painting - Karen Kirkness

Shine On - Taylor Harkness

Rocket - Marcus Veda

Jivamukti - Durga Devi

Turning Into Your True Self - Emma Bonnici

Finding Your Fire - Handstand Yogi 

Silent Disco - Kanga Events (Emma Bonnici)


A total of 24 classes planned including the following workshops. 

Detox Flow - Emily Young

Heart Opening/Fear Releasing - Stewert Heffernann

The Oyster - Taylor Harkness

Arm Balancing - Taran Boynton

Good Life Yoga - Disco Yoga (Closing Ceremony) - Kelly McHugh

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