Frequently Asked Questions

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Please ensure you review the correct FAQ section for the SoulCircus Event you are attending.

When does the site open?

Our Campsite & Glamping areas will be open from Thursday at 5pm through to Sunday at 11pm. You can extend your stay until Monday directly with SoulCircus HQ just register your name with your booking reference via our google drive sheet

From 5pm on Thursday we will have a fully functioning cafe restaurant as well as the bar and other amenities all fully functional.

Weekend Ticket holders are entitled to access the comedy show on Thursday from 7pm. Please bring a blanket, deck chair or camping chair. If you wish to book a table for the comedy show you can do this via our home page. (look for the comedy night)

Alcohol Consumption

Soul Circus operates a challenge 25 policy at all bars – if you are ordering a drink please make sure you have a valid form of ID listed below:

The following forms of identification are accepted:

• A Passport (not a photocopy)

• An EU Photocard

• Driving Licence

• A Proof of Age Card bearing a PASS hologram

• A Ministry of Defence identity card

• A National identity card issued by an EU member state


All public and working enclosed spaces onsite are no smoking, including all stages other than outdoor stages. This also includes all tents and marquees onsite, bars, Front of House tent etc…

If you do smoke, please use the official smoking areas on site and do not dispose your butt on the ground as this could be a fire hazard.

SoulCircus reserves the right to ask attendees to leave if their behaviour is not in fitting with our brand ethos and guidelines. Any anti-social behaviour whatsoever will not be tolerated to either the venue, staff or other attendees. Anyone who is asked to leave the venue will not receive any refunds whatsoever. 

All admissions are strictly through pre-bought tickets through the official Soul Circus website

SoulCircus Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or remove an individual or party from the festival perimeter who may be acting in any anti-social behaviour whatsoever. This includes all individual who is deemed intoxicated through alcohol or illegal drugs, acting in abusive manner to other guests or any member of staff or any other activities deemed inappropriate by SoulCircus and its staff. No refunds will be issued whatsoever to anyone refused entry or those removed from the festival perimeter. 

Children on site fall into three different categories

  1. 16 to 17 years, admitted with “Teen” ticket, Able to attend without their parent guardian – however parent consent via an email to the festival director is required.

  2. 15 years and under, admitted free with their parent/guardian.

  3. Over 18s admitted on an adult ticket

To assist with matters relating to child welfare, lost/missing children, Soul Circus will implement a registration process. Upon entry, any person less than 18 years of age will have their details registered and a photograph taken by the Safety Officer. Details of their parent / guardian will also be recorded and this information held securely at reception/front of house. The child will then be issued a uniquely numbered wristband corresponding to this information.

During the event, our medical team will be responsible for any child welfare issues, and have access to the information held about children on site.

To gain access to the festival site a wrist band must be obtained from the Front of House (Reception Tent). Reception staff will be briefed in the admissions policy and will be the first check for age identification. Challenge 21 posters and a Pass Recognition Poster will be on display at reception.

  1. Campsite sound systems; any parties in the camping fields / car parks will be stopped. 
  2. Your own supply of alcohol .
  3. Disposable BBQs, fire pits, pyrotechnics including distress flares and beacons.
  4. Gas canisters (Propane or Butane) or any other equipment with open flames compressed gas. 
  5. Campsite alcohol - whilst you are allowed to bring limited alcohol with you, security have the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed bringing excessive amounts with them. There will be very reasonably priced bars on site throughout the festival site open until late.
  6. Weapons of any kind.
  7. Illegal drugs and Legal Highs
    You may be asked to be body searched, have your bags and/or vehicles searched at the entrances. Persons suspected or found to be carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner or carrying out illegal activities onsite may be searched and refused entry at the discretion of SoulCircus staff or appointed teams.

    *Please note: SoulCirucs Ltd (SC) or personnel appointed by SC can refuse entry/possession of any items below at their discretion.

Please do bring:

  1. Your special yoga mat if you have one - you can pusrchase a liforme and lululemon mat at SoulCircus at exclusive pricing not found anywhere else. 
  2. A blanket or bolsters as required for yin and meditation classes
  3. A water bottle to refill from our main water points. Leave all disposable plastics at home.

Dog Policy: Whilst generally dogs are welcomed to SoulCircus we have a number of rules we ask you to adhere to to preserve the experience of all at SoulCircus. 

A) Dogs must remain on leads at SoulCircus.

 B) Dogs cannot be brought inside any structures with exception of the Cafe structure. 

C) Dogs cannot be left unattended at any times, tied to any structures whilst the owner is inside a structure. 

D) All dog waste must be immediately removed.

E) Dogs must not be left in cars and you need to bring your own dog water bowls. 

Due to the location of our event - no parties or loud music is to be played on the campsite. Failure to adhere to this condition will result in the attendee being requested to leave the event.

Loud music will be deemed ‘loud’ if it can be heard directly outside of the tent. This will be monitored by both the security team as well as Noise Officer.

No refunds will be issued for failure to adhere to the guidance issued by our noise management officer and/or the security team.

Refunds are not permitted for any and all purchases under any grounds including cancellations for medical reasons. You’re not entitled to a refund if you change your mind about going or realise you can’t go anymore.

In addition, you cannot exchange tickets purchased (full price or via the deposit scheme through our ticket portal via Easol) to a lower tier ticket. For example; a weekend ticket cannot be exchanged for a day ticket for either a partial refund or by not paying the balance off in full.

It is recommended your seek insurance for your purchase in case of non-attendance. Further information on your rights are available via the Citizens Advice Website.

You will receive your e-ticket in August just before the event! Your ticket provides access to the following:

- access to around 300 sessions over 15 venues/stages

- All music entertainment (over 30 hours of live music over two stages)

- A pitch to bring your own tent 

- Car parking spaces are limited and are strictly on a first come first serve basis

- toilets and showers are on-site (remember to grab your shower pass).

- Access to the comedy night on Thursday from 7pm. If you wish to book a table you can do so for small charge - either wise do bring a blanket or camping chair. 

Small extra fee

- Aerial, SUP, pole dancing workshops 

- Feasts

- food and drink

- shower pass (£10 weekend access)

- spa treatments

- hot tub access (

Our full terms and conditions can be found on our website.

For General Ticket Enquiries:

For Partnership / Production / Operations: or via 07464 074964

For PR & Branding / Competitions 

For performer related enquiries:

Some key notes for SC 2022!

- Check in from 5pm Thursday 18th (food and drink will be running from this time) OUR CAFE IS BACK

- Check out by 9am Monday 21st - most guests choose to leave on the Sunday night.

- Glamping is in its own area with parking (not next to your tent please), showers & toilets.

Don’t forget your extras!

Comedy Night! 

Thursday the 18th features our comedy night (which some of you will remember from our summer gardens series last year). We highly recommend this evening of entertainment on your arrival. Starting at 7pm through to 11pm. Weekend ticket access includes the comedy night (but excludes tables and deck chairs in the golden circle).

Arrival Procedures

On Arrival - we will ask you to remain in your vehicles for check in - this will stop clustering and crowding :) this should be a quick process.

Love & Peace from all of us at SoulCircus 🎪

Lifetime Tickets

What does my ticket include?

A. Weekend access to the event annually, when we launch further multi-day events in the UK you will have complimentary access to them as well. 

The ticket also includes a camping pitch and car parking space beating any future price increases.

Can I get a mat every year?

No - Liforme or Lululemon mats are only issued in the first year of membership available for collection at SC. 

How is my purchase protected?

A. If you make the purchase with a credit card, you are fully protected with the credit card protection scheme.

Can I transfer the lifetime membership to another party?

A: Lifetime memberships are not transferable to another party

Dear Black Friday Guests

If you purchased a Weekend ticket you can book your hot tubs on arrival at our spa. 

If you purchased a lifetime ticket we will issue you with a plus 1 guest pass for 2023. 

Your Ticket Package Includes:

Access to the comedy night on Thursday 17th - on arrival 

Showers Pass - on arrival 

A 60 minute spa treatment & Hot Tubs - on arrival at the spa

Luxury shower weekend pass

  • Do I have electricity with my pitch? A: Yes x1 13amp socket for artisans and up to 5kWh F&B
  • Can I camp behind my stall? A: Not behind your stall but our traders’ car park is less than 100m away from the main arena. 
  • Can I stay in my van behind my stall? A: Yes as long as the van fits neatly behind your stall and does not block fire lanes
  • Do I need to pack away every night? A: Anything left on your stall is 100% at your own risk. 
  • How many staff can I bring? A: Artisan traders have 4 staff passes in total for F&B traders we are flexible 
  • I need extra staff, can I bring them? A: Yes additional staff passes are at a 50% discount
  • Do you have WiFi for the card readers? A: No but we have 5G coverage
  • When shall I arrive on site to set up? A: Thursday the 17th from 12:00
  • Can I arrive on the Wednesday? A: Yes you can but you will have to wait in the early arrival area until Thursday the 17th 
  • What are the trading hours? A: We are licensed between Thursday at 17:00 through to Sunday at 22:00 you can trade within those hours
  • When do I leave the site? A: We ask that you leave on Monday morning or from Sunday at 21:00 
  • Can I leave site earlier? A: Cars are not permitted in the main arena until 21:00 
  • Do I bring my own gazebo? A: Yes up to 4.5m x 4.5m for artisans. We are flexible on F&B stalls 
  • Where will I be located: A: In the main arena

Th epre-errected tents will be positioned in the glamping field which will include a pass to use the the private showers & toilets as well as the private car park. 

24/7 glamping field security teams will be provided. 

Meet & Greet will be on-site to help with your check in process. 

Coleman Spruce Falls 4 Blackout Tent

The popular and practical vis à vis design of the Spruce Falls 4 BlackOut tent makes it ideal for a group of friends or families with older children wanting privacy. Including revolutionary and patented BlackOut Bedroom™ technology a great night’s sleep is guaranteed. With fibreglass pole construction, this two room tent has a small pack size making it easy to transport.


BlackOut Bedroom™ - specially designed tent fabric blocks daylight from the bedroom, keeping it cooler during the day! Get a longer, more restful sleep

WeatherTec™ - water proofed to a 4500mm HH rating and taped seams ensures your tent stays nice and dry

XXL bedrooms - provides a sleeping area for each person, giving everyone enough space to sleep comfortably, with plenty of storage space

Fully sewn-in groundsheet - protects the tent interior from bugs and water, for an extra level of comfort

Fire retardant - our material ensures that the fabric will not flare dangerously out of control and will self extinguish, giving time to escape in an emergency

Fibreglass poles - highly flexible and lightweight fibreglass poles guarantee a good response to wind and storms

UVGuard sun protection - certified laboratory tested fabrics with an SPF50 provide excellent protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays

Skandika Silverstone 6 XXL

The classic “3-bedroom apartment in a bag”! Spacious family tent – quick to pitch – high quality

Thanks to the colour coded poles it’s child’s play to pitch this tent, which is sturdy and weatherproof.

The tent and groundsheet are sewn and taped together, keeping out rain and draughts. Together with the mosquito mesh on all the entrances (also the sleeping cabins) this also provides an insect-free environment.

The entrance flap can be used as a sunshade. The roomy central living area provides ample space for baggage, groceries and everything else needed when camping. With over 195 cm headroom it is a perfect retreat for cosy evenings.

The strong poles are made of flexible, but at the same time shatter-proof fibreglass.

Extra resilient water column. The water column describes the quality and strength of the tent coating: the higher the water column, the more water resistant the coating. A tent is considered waterproof at 1,200 mm, but the difference between this and higher levels becomes obvious as soon as it rains heavily.

The Silverstone XXL model provides a 3,000 mm water column thanks to innovative PU-coated polyester, which also makes the tent UV-resistant and particularly weatherproof.

The tent comes in a handy pack complete with numerous accessories such as guy ropes, tent pegs, a repair kit for emergencies and assembly instructions.

The groundsheet for the living area is included.

The Silverstone XXL model – designed to give you and your family many years of camping fun.