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2018 Festival Class Highlights

Benjamin Sears: Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Backbending | The Arc of the Future

Learn to use your own proportions to chart a course through every posture on a journey from effort to grace. An intelligent backbending practice rises, ripens, and settles for an enriching buzz of opening the front (your lungs) to the future without waking up the next day still stuck in the past (lower back pain)

Benjamin Sears: Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Hips, Folds & Freedom | Polish the Past 

Cobwebs gather in corners! Learn to use your edges to unlock your center, make clean physical folds, and clear out the clutter. The full volume of every posture is an ongoing exploration that requires technique that’s more refined than simply stretching. Up your awareness and make flexibility functional again!  

Christian Salton: Soulful Glow

Voted as one of London’s top yoga teachers, Christian Salton will lead this fun ‘n’ funky Dynamic Yoga Class on our largest main tipi on Saturday 18th Aug. The session starts with a calming yoga flow sequence then evolves into a fun, faster paced dynamic yoga session. All backed up with great urban beats playing from our professional DJ sound system to have your heart pumping and body flowing to the beat of the music. From beginners to advanced, you should expect heart opening back-bending for a whole body glow, combined with deep twists to detox. Participants will be working on opening all areas of their spine to feel strong yet supple. The session ends with soothing relaxation poses ... you will leave this session feeling invigorated and glowing with a deeper sense of awareness.

Ambra Vallo: Dharma Yoga

An all-levels Dharma Yoga  which will showcase the Yogis teachings as prescribed by the living master, Sri Dharma Mittra. The practice will touch on all aspects of Yoga through the classical system of Hatha-Raja Yoga by providing a series of techniques, which include asana, pranayama, meditation, and chanting.

Ambra Vallo: Gokul Vinyasa Yoga 

Traditional system of Hatha Yoga: a combination of energising and dynamic yoga postures (represented by the sun) with relaxing and meditative yoga postures (represented by the moon) which results in body balance. Vinyasa is a style of yoga that coordinates flow of breath and body movements from one posture to another. The class includes Asana, Pranayama, Breathing Meditation, Japas & Mantras. 

Good Yoga Life: Groove OM

Grab your guys and girls, cover yourself in sparkles and sequins and bring your sass to the mat, as we'll be flowing to a Disco, 80s, 90s, Funk & Groove beat at Soul Circus Opening Party! Share your sparkly FriYAY vibes with GROOVE OM! Your yogidiva and host for the evening is Kelly McHugh! After class, stick around for hustling, limbo, a glass of Moet or two....it is Fri-YAY yo!

Marc Laws II: The Art of Play 

A yoga workshop that was cultivated with the intention to bring a state of harmony, balance, joy and intelligence. Starting with icebreakers, then creative flow, surprises, meditation, pranayama, excercises and more surprises. This combination of modalities will draw out your light as bright as the sun. Expect interaction, laughs and high fives! 

  Acro Yoga Dance

AcroYogaDance is a partner yoga practice which evolves into a moving meditation. AcroYogaDance is an art form, something wonderful not only the partners practicing it but also to those who witness it. AcroYogaDance works globally to contribute within the yoga, dance and acrobatic communities by creating, performing and teaching unique flows and sequences. This offers a fun but challenging way of learning from beginners to the more advanced practitioner. Eugene Vegan Butcher & Pip Elysium, Founders of AcroYogaDance love bringing beautiful and elegant transitions, making them simple so that with practise can evolve into stunning sequences which eventually will feel like a dance. Repetition is the mother of skill which will enable you to feel the movement and automatically respond to your partner with fluidity and grace. The goal is that each sequence is fun, if it’s fun you’ll make new connections with yourself and others and you’ll do it more often, if you do it more often it can eventually become beautiful to perform. As it feels beautiful to perform it will also start to look beautiful and bring joy to those who see it as well as do it.

Katarina Rayburn: Mandala Vinyasa journey through Fire!

Moving 360 degrees around our mats, focusing on twisting, stretching the flanks and working with inversions and arm balances; igniting the Agni (internal fire) in our body, strengthening our core and activating Manipura chakra, our source of willpower and transformation.  This session will start and end with  a little yin yoga to compliment the subtle and physical body that we will be working on the day.

Kathy Ran: Rocket Yoga Workshop | Breathing, Bhandas and Taking Flight

This asana practice as developed by Larry Shultz, is a mix of Rocket I and II, combined with a lot of fun, inversions and challenging postures. This workshop will work on your physical and metal body in many ways, allowing you to recognize your limits, but also the potential of your practice promoting on you higher levels of stamina and focus. Rocket Yoga is an incredible ride, full of self-awareness. All levels welcome & knowledge of Sun Salutations advised

Kathy Ran: Old Skool Funk and Flow

Bring on dynamic vinyasa flow with funky sequencing and sweet amazing music. This session will build strength and empowerment in a steady and creative vinyasa sequence. Workshop is filled with Sun Salutations, standing poses, arm balances, hip openers and backbends. Be prepared to play hard and have serious fun!

Lolo Lam: Rocket Happy Hour

Move, sweat, breathe and flow! Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and challenging sequence, combining poses and transitions from Ashtanga's Primary, Second, and Third Series. In this happy hour class, you can expect a little bit of everything: Standing, seated, balances, backbends, deep twists and inversions, it’s all in there! Rocket is as much an attitude as it is a sequence. Playful, fun and energising, you take it or leave it as is right for you. Modify up or down or hang out in childs’ pose, everyone is welcome!! Rocket is a serious practice for people who don’t take themselves too seriously!

Aimee Garcia Marshall: Fire Up Your Prana

A creative upbeat vinyasa flow, teamed with high energy music - sure to 'fire up the prana' in all that attend! This class promises to be fun, energetic and getting you moving on your mat. Move - Stretch - Smile

Wild Chocolate Club & Gong Space

The Wild Chocolate Tipi is back! Turn up, Tune in, Shake, Shimmy, Dance, Be wild, enjoy the freedom to move however you feel, no right or wrong, eyes closed go inside and connect with your dance, supported by Wild Chocolate cacao ceremony at the beginning and crystal singing bowl sound bath at the end and tunes to make your body rock in the middle. Come alone or bring your friends, no experience needed. We would love to see you.

Paul shares the remarkable sounds and energies of the ‘planetary’ gongs through festival performances as well as theatrical, private and public events. Paul predominantly plays European 'planetary' gongs made from high quality nickel silver, tempered, beaten and tuned to an extraordinary level of accuracy. These are beautiful instruments with immense presence, made by craftsmen who care deeply about their work. They can be played for long periods  to draw out a compelling kaleidoscope of sound and energy.

Gong Space will also be bringing with them a plethora of musicians to keep you healing all weekend, with crystal bowls, didgeridoo, drums and flute you’ll be floating through the weekend.

Dan Peppiatt: Breathing Beyond Pranayama

Pranayama is useful but it is limited and not the most functional tool for most people in the West. That is the premise for this workshop. Explore the full potential of your breath and why it is the most powerful tool the ancient yogis chose to work with. Combining the best of freediving training, wim hof method, and breathwork tools from systema to Taoism join Dan to investigate the outer limits of where your breath and the absence of it can take you. 

Jonelle Lewis: Hip Hop Yoga

Join Jonelle for a Hip Hop yoga. Jonelle will guide you through a dynamic and playful 75 minute class with a soundtrack filled with old school and new school hip hop favourites. We will practice a Mandala Vinyasa as we flow to dope tunes. Who doesn't like the sound of doing yoga to the likes of Drake, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce? Her classes are set to this urban sound track which is reflective of her roots and her passion for music, creativity and fluidity in life. From growing up in Philadelphia and living in DC and NYC she brings an international vibration and an authenticity into classes which are edgy and filled with a lot laughter. She enjoys teaching all age groups and firmly believes ‘Yoga is for EVERYBODY’.

Sandra Barnes: The Goddess within

Come connect to the gifts of the feminine& honour your inner Shakti, through juicy, nourishing movement. We will journey through the chakras & what each energy centre represents in our dance through life. Together sharing a journey into our own inner rhythm & flow. Culminating with a deep relaxation & soothing sound bath using lavender eye pillows. Suitable for all.

Sandra Barnes: Sharing is Caring | Playful Partner yoga & massage

In this practise, you will find, how by joyfully working together & opening up to share your space with others, you can achieve a much deeper stretch & more optimum asana experience. We shall be connecting, not just to one another, but to the prana within & around us with a focus on the energy exchange of giving & receiving. Together we will create our own human mandala, bringing us all closer, as one. Massage & touch, will be woven into & throughout the workshop. People will then be invited to journey on a guided meditation culminating with a sound bath, using lavender eye pillows. Suitable for all.

Durga Devi: The Mighty Power of Love Kirtan

We all resonate at different frequencies and these change according to what we are doing and thinking. When we are all doing the same thing (chanting, breathing, and moving to the same rhythms) our vibrations begin to synchronize and the resulting experience can be very powerful... join us for this special kirtan with The Mighty Power of Love.
 A meeting of likeminded souls with an equal passion for yoga and music gave birth to The Mighty Power of Love. Members Durga Devi, Rachel Middleton, Huma and Ben Hazleton build on the ancient Bhakti tradition of chanting to create a new musical experience that inspires and uplifts.

London Acro Ladies

London Acro Ladies, Sylvia and Katie are strong believers in lifting people as well as weights. They find that AcroYoga is the perfect accompaniment to a yoga practise as it combines strength and flexibility with the added bonus that you can socialise at the same time. Sylvia is a dancer turned yoga teacher of 9 years and Katie is gymnastics teacher of 10 years. They are both AcroYoga certified teachers who teach extensively throughout London and abroad. They love to make AcroYoga an accessible practise for all ages, sizes & levels. 

Charlie Granger: Chakra Yoga

A yoga flow to awaken and balance the chakras. Using breath work and movement to open and align the energy centres of the body. Balancing our physical, mental and spiritual energy. Traditionally there are 7 chakras arranged vertically from the base of the spine to the top of the head, with each chakra correlating to a specific region of the body, emotional quality, and aspect of spiritual consciousness.
The class will begin with some breath work to centre the body and mind. Then transitioning into a smooth flow, warming up the body moving into standing and balancing postures, backbends and inversions leading into the finishing sequence and yummy savasana.
This sequence will work to open the connective tissues in the body to boost wellness, abundance and pleasure.

Jade Shaw: Beginners out of body experience workshop

We invite you to lift the veil of perception, go beyond your body and embrace your multidimensional self for the purpose of living a more connected, awakened and fearless life.  This introductory workshop is suitable for complete beginners or those whom have had some experiences but would like to hone a practise. It offers simple techniques to self-induce an OBE and navigate the process, so that you feel safe, equipped and empowered to start.

You will learn:

How to achieve ‘mind-awake body-asleep’ awareness. How to bring about the ‘vibrational state’ usually required to OBE. When and how to use ‘exit’ techniques from the physical body. Effective tools to navigate and sustain an OBE Sleep cycle planning Why this practise can benefit well-being


If you havent already heard about VOGA, It's a lifestyle fitness brand fusing yoga and voguing:fitness and fashion, set to an iconic 80's beat and designed to empower. 
It’s for ALL ages, skills and fitness levels, offering a uniquely holistic and cardio experience which guarentees results. The vision is to inspire that essentially 80s joy to working out, adding sass and glamour to your daily exercise routine. VOGA offers all the health benefits of yoga and more, thanks to a unique series of poses and counter-postures that work the whole body, right down to the hands and feet.
On top of the physical benefits such as increasing circulation, improving flexibility, fat burning and toning, VOGA manifests a unique sense of wholeness and confidence that you just can’t get from the average gym class.

DoTerra Yoga Flow

Charlotte and Eva are both qualified yoga teachers with a passion for essential oils and how good this combination can make you feel. They work together running workshops and classes around the world with the intention of helping you move, breathe and have a little fun. This workshop will introduce DoTerra Essential Oils and how you can use them as part of your yoga practice. It will be a slow and yummy 75 minute flow in which we will use oils to work with on different chakras.

YO-MU: Dynamic vinyasa flow with live cello and electronic beats

A Yoga Flow and Live music workshop that aims to get you out of your head and into your body. This merging of two disciplines, each one guiding and inspiring the other results in a sequence that begins with the breathe, dives deep into the body through a dynamic flow of postures and culminates in deep relaxation to the vibrations of live cello. Throughout the session, Pepe plays cello, electronic loops and beats and uses his voice to challenge and propel the body forward, to inspire presence, and get you back to the breathe. The emphasis in this workshop is the joy of practicing, becoming more you and releasing any rules and pre conceptions. Let it go, breathe and never give up.

YO-MU: Restorative flow with live cello and electronic beats 

This is an integration of music and yoga asana that aims to heal you from the inside out. The cello has the same tonal vibrations as the body and is used extensively in music therapy, combined with yoga asana the tones of the cello are easily digested into the body and helps to lead us back to our breathe. In this workshop we will move from deep breathing relaxation into gentle yoga postures to stretch and release the layers of the day accompanied by soothing beats, cello strings and voice melodies. The session culminates with a deep relaxation to the cello and head massage. A perfect introduction to yoga asana or for those who want to take it slow and those who are healing. This session is open to all levels and music lovers alike.

Kate Lister: Soundcheck 

Releasing tension through movement and sound; a fluid and playful vinyasa practice engaging with our natural rhythms in body and voice. 

David Kamm: Matless Madness

A poetic invitation to the boundless possibilities of leading our own path of enquiry in practice. As a community, we will explore asana beneath their blueprints of alignment, and movement beyond the confines of a mat, ultimately learning to move from a place of freedom and integrity to our desired scales of expression. Plenty of opportunities for (optional) flying. For the experienced and open-minded.  (outdoors on the open field would be great)

David Kamm: The Giant Ladder Flow | The Show Must Go On

Put your coordination skills to test through a feel good ladder flow choreographed mindfully to a river of no beginning and end.  Open to curious movers of all levels with an open mind.  (live music to this would be so great! - I could work with someone from the team or could nominate someone I know)

Michael Elay: Yogasana

Recharge pranamaya kosha with an invigorating vinyasa practice designed to get the prana flowing. Linking breath to movement, and action to intention, this class will have you twisting, balancing, bending and stretching through some classic and not-so-classic asanas. Suitable for all levels.

  Amanda Noga: Move like You 

Join Amanda Noga for a juicy prana vinyasa practice to reconnect to the living pulse within you, free yourself from limited ways of thinking and moving and align to your unique expression on and off the mat. We will begin with an invocation to call in your highest self, cycle through dynamic namaskar, earthy hip opening and heart expanding spine opening all guided by your breath and inner rhythm. This is a practice is move freely, breathe freely and unleash your wild passion, personal power and unique purpose in the world. 

Amanda Noga: Writing workshop | Discover your Purpose

Join Amanda Noga for this guided writing meditation, dedicated to discovering our passion, personal power and sense of purpose. Bring a notebook and pen and together we will uncover our collective and personal blocks around expressing our deepest desires and how passion is connected to compassion.  Discover why distraction and denial are outdated default patterns and why presence is your superpower.   We ask, what it means to live a meaningful life and through this process, our unique purpose is revealed in intentional daily action. No writing experience required, just a open mind and blank canvas. 

Jay Foo: Yin Yoga + Live Acoustics

An alchemy of Yin Yoga and Live Acoustics - Be serenaded by Molly-Anne's music as we slowly melt away tensions in the joints and connective tissues where you feel you're holding back, holding on, or even barely holding it together. Move beyond the physical & create space, freeing those tight areas in your heart and mind.

Jay Foo: Soul Revival | Yin Yang Yoga

Combining the stillness of Yin Yoga with a more dynamic Yang practice. Spend the first half working through a strengthening Vinyasa before finishing with a rejuvenating Yin practice. The perfect way to find your balance.  

Kelly Brooks: Klub Yoga

Klub Yoga is born from being a yogi in the city. On a day to day basis we work hard, We are busy, we are strong and we like to turn the base up.  Klub yoga celebrates life and balance - that's in our daily lives but also our yoga practice. Yes yoga is serious and disciplined, but it can also be fun -  Klub yoga is a refreshing yoga class with a twist, uniting the euphoric energy of music with the bad arse moves of yoga, synchronised to make you bend to the beat. You may not think of yoga as being sociable or fun but we encourage you to bring your friends to sweat together, laugh together - let go and try something new.  You don't need to be flexible to join the Klub Yoga revivial. We celebrate getting a buzz - without the hangover 

Kathryn McCuster: Talk | Everyday Kundalini

Discovering the whats, whys, and hows of this powerful energy and practice.  Kundalini has been both feared and revered in Eastern cultures for thousands of years, as a transformative energy. Now, as it comes more into the mainstream, we have the chance to truly understand it and learn to master it for our own benefit.  Lying dormant at the base of the spine, Kundalini energy can be awakened through movement, meditation, mantra and breathing to re-balance the mind and body. It has the power to transform us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Kundalini yoga emerged from the meditative practices of ancient Hindu India, possibly as long as 4,000 years ago. Today, ordinary people are rediscovering Kundalini as a tool to connect with themselves, their bodies, and their souls. In this talk,certified yoga teacher, opera singer, and author Kathryn McCusker will offer an introduction into what Kundalini is, and its many wonders and benefits, teaching us how to activate this elusive yet infinitely powerful energy present in us all. She will show you how to make Kundalini a part of even the busiest life, through yoga, mantra, mudras, and meditations, designed to fit into our daily hectic schedules. 

Kathryn McCuster: Kundalini for Self Mastery

Experience the transformative power of Kundalini Kriyas, Meditations and the healing sounds of the Gong to free your subconscious fears and self-imposed limitations. Led by expert Kundalini yoga teacher Kathryn McCusker, in this class you will learn how to access your innate strength and master the self, to create a path of freedom and purpose. Harnessing techniques ​such​ ​as​ ​the​ ​energy​ ​of​ ​pranayama​ ​(breath​ ​control),​ ​mantras​ ​(sacred​ ​sounds),​ ​mudras​ ​(hand​ ​gestures)​ ​and​ ​yantras (sacred​ ​diagrams), alongside the yoga poses, can help you control your Kundalini energy and address​ ​specific​ ​areas ​in​ ​your​ ​life,​ ​such​ ​as creativity,​ ​love,​ ​anxiety​ ​or​ ​fatigue.

Emily Young: Yoga Anatomy

Figuring out how and why you do yoga the way you do, and what you can do about it. Exploratory interactive workshop.

Nafia Harding: YIN and YANG

Beginning with a heat building, energising sequence that will open up the hips, side body, shoulders and spine. The class will cultivate stability and strength across the entire body. You will play with simple arm balances and back bends before winding and slowing down with yin style poses that will promote flexibility and range of motion. Structured to allow you to experience exertion and release within the same class.

Andy Nathan: Jivamukti

Expect a fun, strong, devotional and energetic practice encapsulating the magic of Jivamukti Yoga.  Vinyasa, chanting, focus, challenge, a banging soundtrack and meditation.

Secret Sunrise London: Sunday Morning Rave

The start of the best day of your life. Born under African skies, the global movement Secret Sunrise aims to unite the world through dance and conscious collaboration. This global family aims to get the world grooving. Join them in getting up and out of your comfort zone, dancing, connecting and feeling complete freedom and self expression

Evelyn Cribbin: Deep House Vinyasa with Live DJ

Join Evelyn Cribbin to uplift your soul and lose your ego as you flow , freeing your body and opening your heart to this deep house Vinyasa class with DJ Maddie on the decks

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