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Our Sustainability Manifesto

Soul Circus’ Sustainable Living Manifesto

Wellness and the Environment

Wellbeing is a huge part of the spirit of Soul Circus. And that sense of wellness isn’t just about how we feel individually – it comes hand in hand with our relationship with our environment and communities around us.

That’s why we’ve taken huge efforts to make sure the Soul Circus experience is designed to be respectful and in balance with the environment around it. We’re committed to creating events that are not just exciting and memorable, but also treat the natural world around it with compassion, care and gratitude. 

We’re excited to be starting on our sustainability journey. Here’s what we'll be planning over the next 3 years.

Our human actions must be in balance with the environment. Soul Circus’ commitment is to create events that have low impact, enhance the environment (& community) in which they exist and educate people on sustainable living as part of our events. Our sustainability journey is just beginning. Here is our plan for the next 3 years.

Low Impact Pledge

We pledge to minimise our waste and dependency on finite resources, measure ourselves to remain accountable, and enlist our suppliers in our environmental goals.


We are fully committed to keeping event sites completely free of waste, and we make it really easy for visitors and suppliers to the site to tackle waste in a responsible way, with plenty of recycling stations at hand for every kind of material.

100% of waste will be recycled – by 2018, we aim to ensure not a single shred of waste from Soul Circus makes its way to a landfill site.

Food waste

If you’ve ever considered what a shame it is to see healthy, edible food being thrown to waste by organisations – you’re not the only one. It’s one of the reasons why we’re including food waste in our sustainability strategy. 100% of all leftover edible food at our events will be redistributed to local charities to ensure none of it goes to waste.

Any remaining non-edible food will be used for animal feed, or composted so that it continues to support the environment.


Festival loos were once an infamous part of the British festival experience. Thankfully, those days are far behind us – with cleaner loos and showers available to you during your visit at Soul Circus.

To stay in keeping with our sustainability journey, we’ll also be working to minimise environmental impact and protect the natural world, by using composting loos. We’ll be trialling these in 2017 so look out for them!


We all make an impact on the planet when we use energy – and as Soul Circus grows, it’s really important to us to make sure our energy in a responsible, efficient and positive way. We’ll be measuring our carbon footprint in 2017 – and then establishing a plan to reduce this in future years. We’re also paving the way to go 100% renewable with energy by 2020.

Every single person can make a difference to the environment, by taking small steps. We’re aiming to reduce energy use by 20% for every guest, by 2018.

Working with our suppliers

Everyone involved in Soul Circus will be committed to our vision of a sustainable and environmentally responsible festival experience.

It’s an absolute priority for us – which is why we’ll only work with suppliers who are completely on board with this message, and are willing to uphold this important commitment. All of our Soul Circus suppliers will be given a supplier commitment, and we’ll be working together to ensure we meet the aims of our manifesto at every turn.

Enhance the Environment & Community Pledge

We pledge to make a net positive contribution on the local environment and community, by supporting local bodies and giving back to worthwhile causes

Truly local sourced food

We’re absolutely blessed to be in an incredible part of the Cotswolds, home to an abundance of local producers and talented local businesses. So all of our food will be sourced within 60 miles of our site – ensuring your food is both completely fresh, and minimising the impact of food miles on the environment.

And as we love our food, it’s the perfect excuse to show off all the delicious local food on offer at our on-site marketplace!

Buying local also means supporting the wonderful local businesses that make the community so special. Every pound spent on site will be going back to local businesses, helping them thrive for the future.

Giving back to the land

The natural landscape is beautiful and valuable, so we’ll be committing our efforts to conserve and protect the natural environment throughout our events. As well as ensuring that our events leave a minimal impact on the environment, we’ll also be taking steps to actively give back to the land, and help out guests do the same.

Look out for fascinating workshops to learn how you can make a positive impact.
Sustainable Living Pledge:

We pledge to educate and inspire all our guests, to understand their power as a consumer to transform the world

Supporting worthwhile causes

With hundreds of people coming through our event, we recognise that it’s a perfect opportunity to help spread awareness and raise valuable support for causes aligned with our manifesto.

We’ll be partnering with local organisations to show how you can make a positive difference to the environment and communities around you – from learning how you can protect the natural world through simple every day changes, to creating more diverse, welcoming and inclusive spaces.

We’ll be hosting workshops, talks and challenges – to make the journey of learning and discovery fun, exciting and rewarding. Some of the upcoming workshops we have planned include:

- Understanding the food production process and managing food waste
- Upcycling – revamp furniture to give it a style update
- Why protecting the countryside matters for us all
- Up close and personal – get to know your local farmers
- What can I do? Learn how one person can make a real difference to change the world.

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