Therapies to compliment your yoga practice, nurturing body, mind and soul. Inspired by ancient myths and wise hands.

Our gorgeous lakeside spa complete with two beautiful giant tipi structures will allow your mind float free and any pains to soak away. Your treatment will be centred around an open wood burning fireplace, after-which you can relax with a juice in our nordic inspired chill-out area complete with a retail space with hand picked products you can take home with you.

Choose from a number of treatments available in our Soul Spa below or simply have a dip in our lakeside hot tubs. But if you are feeling far too relaxed to return to the main arena, fear not as we will have a special separate lounge next door complete with mellow melodic vibes where you can continue to breathe. 

Booking is advised well before the festival as we have sold out in the past three years running by the end of the first day!