Creating a Solid Sleep Routine | Caroline Cornish

Fall 2020 | Rest


There's loads of advice about good sleep hygiene, creating routine and more and more evidence about what happens to us when we aren't getting enough rest. Creating your own ritual and routine is lush, and if it can't happen every night (because, you know, life) enjoy it when you can.

Here are our 10 top easy ideas to weave into your bedtime:

1. Salt foot soak 30 minutes before bed

2. Lower the light, use a salt lamp and reading lamp not an overhead

3. Bed before 10pm - get in touch with the Ayurvedic clock and sleep before pitta wakes you up

4. Nourishing balm for short, self massage on the hands and feet

5. Create your nest - silk pillowcase, tidy room, comforting colours

6. Cleansing balm for your face - slowly cleanse and use a warm flannel

7. Night oil facial massage - there are loads of points on the face which aid rest and skin recovery

8. Aromatherapy - lavender, chamomile, vetivert, passiflora, burn some essential oils or chose products that contain these (avoid 'fragrance' as they don't have the properties even if they do have the scent)

9. Keep your room cool

10. Write down any lingering thoughts, then let them go

These books inspired my sleep with tips, practical advice and a little more depth around the science of sleeping:

Sleep by Nick Littlehales

Sleep Rituals by Jennifer Williamson

The Sleep Revolution by Ariana Huffington

Calm by Michael Acton Smith


Caroline is Soul Circus' spa director and all knowing goddess of how to gift yourself self care through the world of massages, facials, and other fancy treatments.

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