The Science of Sleep, Anxiety and Stress | Stephanie Romiszewski

Fall 2020 | Rest


A relaxing video to alleviate your anxieties over  sleep. Stephanie includes evidence based ways to make sleep better long term, as well as helping you sleep this very night because of the alleviation of stress and anxiety.

ABOUT Stephanie Romiszewski | Consultant Physiologist and Director of Sleepyhead Clinic

Stephanie (Sleep Physiologist, BSc Psychology, MSc Behavioural Sleep Medicine) started her career in the USA at Brigham and Womens Hospital Harvard Sleep Division, studying and conducting experiments in Circadian rhythms. She then moved on to a sleep disorders centre in London at Guys and St Thomas Hospital.

She spent many years diagnosing and treating a variety of sleep disorders as well as continuing her training and qualifications, and now specialises in insomnia and complex sleep disorders. She has set up various pilot insomnia services for NHS services, and has founded Sleepyhead Clinic – an online sleep treatment centre for patients, a sleep education training service for medical professionals and sleep wellbeing for corporate clients.

She also runs a complex sleep service for the National Health Service in Devon, and manages an academic research team with Exeter university, most recently looking at access to sleep education for doctors in their medical training programs. Stephanie has also done a tv series in sleep for channel 4, does medical legal work and acts as an advisor for the BBC and other media regarding sleep.

Stephanie is very passionate about her roles and enjoys disseminating complex sleep science in a friendly and relatable way so the public can stay well informed and be their own sleep experts. She believes the best education for her comes from her patients who motivate her to continually adapt and evolve her skills to remain helpful and evidence based.

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