How to Boost Your Immune System with Yoga

Spring 2020 | Regeneration


I’m not going to say we’re psychic, but we’ve been planning the theme of “regeneration” for this issue for months now. For it to come out during this time of the COVID19 pandemic is so appropriate and it’s our hope that you can take some nuggets of information out of this Soul Circus issue and apply it to your present situation.

Now that quarantines and cancelled everything is quickly becoming the norm, our question to you is what will you be doing in the time off you've been given?  

We can sit in panic, watching the news to keep up with all the data and fear-feeding that's happening, wondering how we'll recoup the money we're losing by not working, waiting for our turn to get sick.

OR we can take this time off to reset and hyper-focus on our health - both physical and mental. We can use the properties of yoga and ayurveda as a vehicle of prevention - a system that has been working for lit-erally THOUSANDS of years.

How to Boost the Immune System with Yoga

1. Keep calm and carry on. This famous British phrase has never been more appropriate. Calm down. Slow down. Breathe. Yoga, meditation, and breathwork are all tools that will turn on your parasympathetic nervous system. This restoration will help turn over your cells and rejuvenate your organs to ensure your systems are functioning optimally.

2. Hydration is the name of the game. Drinking lots of water helps to flush the system so infections have nowhere to hide.

3.Bring your own yoga mat to classes and deep clean it regularly. Shameless plug: we’re launching a Soul Circus yoga towel soon. AKA you can wash it and get rid of all the nasties.  Think of it as investment in your health.

4. Smudge all that sage. It removes negative ions from the air and BONUS is a natural antiseptic.

5. Obvi wash your hands. Hand sanitizer helps too :wink:

6. Drink more herbal teas. We love a good sage-eucalyptus mix.

7. Stimulate your lymphatic system by finding a flow class that helps you sweat it out. Other ways to get that lymphatic system functioning properly? Treat yourself to a massage or practice dry brushing. All of these will help the body remove toxins & waste by transporting lymph throughout the body, which fights infection.

8. SLEEP. Prioritize your sleep, it’s your body’s opportunity to rejuvenate itself.

Let's all come out the other side of this regenerated and more in tune with ourselves.