Soul Circus Fashion

The colour. The bold designs. The glitter. THE FUN!


One of the beautiful things about Soul Circus is the ability to free yourself of YOUR OWN boundaries to try something new. 

This cannot be more true when it comes to the fashion we see at Soul Circus - everyone is dressed bolder, taking risks they wouldn't normally take, and, best of all, having FUN! 

Here are four of the biggest trends we saw roaming the fields of Soul Circus:

1. Catsuits. Catsuits. Catsuits. 

These were EVERYWHERE and it probably helped that our friends Colour Flow Activewear were absolute energy MAGNETS. By the end of the weekend, everywhere you looked you saw someone in a Colour Flow Cat Suit! 

Here are some more fun body and cat suits to stock up for next year:

Yellow Cat Suit | Purple Short Cat Suit | Tie Dye Cat Suit | Leopard Print Short Cat Suit

2. Kimonos, Kimonos, Kimonos. 

If you get that movie reference, we're definitely meant to be friends. It's insane how ONE vendor can influence the entire style of a festival. We blinked and everyone was wearing an Undressed Kimono. (We blinked again and everyone was in a Colour Flow Cat Suit). 

Kimonos are undeniably versatile and we've been wearing ours ALL. THE. TIME. 

Here are some more kimonos to stock up on until next year:

Black Tie Dye Kimono | Leopard Print Kimono | Bold Geometric Print Kimono

3. Colour. Period. 

The colour is everywhere and I honestly thing it's reflective of the energy, the aura, and the vibe of Soul Circus. We loved seeing how you brought colour into your style at the festival this year! 

UP Seamless Leggings in Powder Blue | Lilac Leg Warmers | Red Fringe Body Suit | LuluLemon Floral Sports Bra

4. Street Style

Night time the vibe changes and the best outfits start to come out - the glitter, the dresses, the bowling shirts. 

Want to get the lewk? Here are some links to pieces we saw and want to wear next year! 

Dotted Body Suit with Fringe | Metallic One Piece | Sequin Kimono | Venetian Mask