We Are All Connected

Have you ever thought how strange it is to feel the same emotions as someone else or a group of people? Ella digs into how we land on a journal theme, how it connects to all of us, and what's next for Soul Circus.


When deciding on the theme for our journals, the Soul Circus team always checks in with each other to discuss what is currently going on for each of us. For example, what is inspiring us, what challenges are we facing and what has sparked any new flames of creativity. Because, usually when we are feeling something, you are too. We endeavour to tap into that collective energy and provide some useful tools to navigate this strange world we find ourselves in.

The winter months for us is always a time of deep reflection and rest. The heady days of summer madness are long gone and it´s time to take stock of what the year has taught us. In this month’s issue we are delving into the theme of shadow work and how we can observe the full spectrum of our ´selves´ with compassion what that can reveal to us.

For me, shadow work involves lots of time alone in nature. Giving myself the chance to listen in to what my soul is communicating to me through signs and synchronicities that play out in my reality. It´s about slowing down and looking deeply at my thought patterns, my relationships, my habits, the shape of my life and the dimension I am currently inhabiting to see if there are any changes or improvements needed.     

Something that consistently comes up for me is the word ´freedom´, especially as we seem to be losing this very thing at an alarming rate. Whenever I do any deep soul enquiry the need to feel free is always at the forefront of what I desire. With totalitarian leaders increasing their grip over us with new propaganda, dangerous divisive narratives and the usual heavy bout of fear, the yearning to rise above this into a different paradigm is stronger than ever.

As much as I would love to live in a constant fairy tale of lying on my back in the ocean or taking long beautiful walks with my dog, I also must live and function in this reality which means coming up with new ways to thrive and fight for what I believe in. I understand that the part of me that so deeply craves the feeling of freedom is also the part of me that is my greatest gift and probably the reason I have been put on the planet. So, I ask myself, how can I help create the paradigm I yearn for, who can I serve, how can I maintain integrity but also support my family and as always, what’s the next great adventure!

Launching a new event over here in Portugal has been a process of transformation and transition. Not only is it a brand-new industry but a whole new space geographically and culturally. As with all our new ideas, it has been a birthing process. Taking energy and inspiration from our environment and alchemising it into a tangible idea. With that in mind, let me introduce you to our new baby The Galaxia Electric Boat Show, Lagos!

Having fallen in love with the ocean over our years of travelling, this is a celebration of that combined with exciting new technology in the boating world. Bringing together the best in sustainable boating, water sports, food, drink and music, this is an irresistible project that only dreams are made of. 

Please don’t think that we love Soul Circus any less, this is just an extension of her, her baby sister if you will! We´ve learnt a lot over the 7 years Soul Circus has been dancing across those Cotswold fields. She´s the reason we´re still here and the reason we´re brave enough to embark on this process again. She´s graced us with a community we love and life lessons that will never leave us. So let´s use this knowledge and see what this new entity brings into the world!