Humans of Soul Circus | Part 9

Fall 2021 | Humans of Soul Circus


What is the happiest moment of your life?

"The birth of my second son Niko. The relief that I had now produced 2 children was real. They both had a friend and my work was done! It also hurt way less the second time which added to the overall joy of the experience, first time round it took 3 days and was not at all what I expected!! They are now growing into strapping young boys and I have them pegged to be our production team at Soul Circus in the future!"

What is your greatest struggle right now?

"Having to wait a year until the next Soul Circus! The creative juices are running high after this years event and I am so excited to start designing something even better for 2022!"

Ella Wroath

Portugal by way of Swindon Town and London

Co-Founder, Soul Circus