The Granthis & The Three Suns Meditation

What if our greatest gift to the world is to simply be ourselves?


The Granthis & The Three Suns Meditation 

The Granthis, in yogic thought, are said to be our  'energetic or psychic knots'. These knots are difficult to untangle and represent our resistances, or aspects of our consciousness that we are not fully aware of.  These entanglements effectively create blockages that prevent us from fully realizing our true nature.

Are the Granthis actually knots? Perhaps somewhat if anatomically you consider bundles of nerves and bound muscular tension, and the feeling of constriction we feel when we're stressed or fearful. Regardless, we could also just say that the Granthis are a symbolic way to understand and illuminate different facets of oursleves. 

What if our greatest gift to the world is to simply be ourselves? 

There are many complicated and diverse explanations of the Granthis, but I offer this as an example that can be useful to help people to live in the light of their truth, to be themselves, fully and completely. 

In simple terms I like to imagine three radiant suns - one at the base of the pelvis, the chest and the head. There are shadows around these suns that represent our fears, our challenges, our unresolved 'stuff' that we've stored away. These shadows can be like gentle clouds in the sky, just floating on by, or they can be thick entanglements of clouds that prevent the light from shining through.  

It's okay and necessary for us to have the shadows, it's part of our human nature.  Our fears, anxieties, past experiences and darker emotions are all part of who we are, but when the clouds become so thick that it stops us living in the light of our truth then it's time to LIGHTEN UP! 

In this meditation we light up the Granthis, moving them from dark, knotted resistances to bright suns. 

As fire and energy flow rises, the Granthis are released in order, from the root to the heart to the head, as one sun catches on fire, the next granthi will light more easily from the fire below.

The Three Suns Meditation

Read this simple meditation through and then take 5 to 10 minutes to yourself to light up your three suns. 

For the purpose of this meditation...

The Pelvic or Root Sun (Brahma Grantis) represents our self-relationship. Do you know and love yourself or are you resisting your truth?

The Heart Sun (Vishnu Grantis) represents our relationship with others. Are you able to give and receive love or are you fearful of vulnerability?

The Head or Forehead Sun (Rudra Grantis) represents our relationship to reality. Do you have the ability to widen your perspective or remain stuck in tunnel vision?

We work up from the Root Sun because the quality of our relationships to others and our perspective on reality are rooted in the foundations of a good self-relationship. 

Sit comfortably and allow your natural breath to flow with ease. Relax and release any areas of tension for a few minutes, just allow yourself to arrive and be present in this moment. 

Take a moment now to imagine a golden sun at the base of your pelvis, the centre of your chest and behind your forehead. 

With every inhalation, imagine pouring fiery light from the nose all the way down to the pelvic sun. 

Let the pelvic sun warm and melt the whole abdominal area front, sides and back, from the base and bowl of the pelvis all the way up to the low ribs. Feel a sensation of warmth and space. 

As you exhale, with every exhalation, draw the pelvic sun in and up, gently hugging your pelvic diaphragm and lower abdominals. Lift the pelvic sun up along the midline of your body until it meets the heart sun. 

Feel a sense of warmth and space around your heart centre as you imagine light radiating from the centre of your chest, filling up your entire upper body. 

Continue to breathe like this for a few minutes and now as you exhale, exhale more fully, feeling a continuing wave as the low ribs, then upper ribs contract, and imagine lifting the chest sun up to meet the forehead sun as the last of your breath pours out. 

Feel the golden in your head begin to warm and glow,  bringing a sense of space and clarity. 

Continue inhaling down to the pelvic sun, and exhaling to draw the light of the pelvic sun up to the chest and head sun until you feel bright and radiant. 

When you're ready, allow the breath to come back to its natural state as you gently let go of the visualisation. 

Even a few minutes in this Three Suns Meditation can help you to dissolve resistances and light your way to living more fully in the light of your truth. 


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