Finding Inspiration In Your Why | Racquel

Winter 2021 | Finding Inspiration


Racquel is a friend of mine from the Columbus, Georgia chapter of my life. We met through fate and have been friends ever since. What inspires me about Racquel is her willingness to try new things and bring other creators with her on her journey. Here she shares what keeps her inspired.

What is your favorite thing to create?

I thoroughly enjoy constructing events and/or projects. Something about all the different elements and pieces coming together for one common goal. (All the feels)

Can you share (either visually, musically, or in words) your most prized creation with us?

For sure, my most prized creation as of today was The 10X10 Project. For my 28th birthday, I took on the task of creative directing (and starring in) 10 different photoshoots with 10 different themes in a matter of 6 weeks.

What inspired you to create this particular piece?

I absolutely love photography, and enjoy being in front of the camera. With the current state of our world, I was unable to fully celebrate the way I normally would. (I'm a birthday fanatic!) I knew for sure I did not want a zoom birthday call, I did not want to have a "virtual/live" event, nor did I want to have a drive-thru parade. So, I was forced to think. While talking with a friend about a birthday photoshoot, my mind completely stretched past my normal barriers and this vision came alive.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Honestly, I have an insane imagination. So usually, I can take one single thought and run all the way with it. (Sometimes to a fault). Beyond that, I'm obsessed with Pinterest.

When your inspo levels are low and things look pretty bleak, how do you get yourself back into your creative space?

Anytime I feel like I'm in a dry spell, music and writing helps for sure. But once I get back in the groove, there's very little that can bring me back to reality.

Any words of wisdom or advice for those who find themselves lacking inspiration at this moment in time?

First, ask yourself when you stopped. Once you've discovered that answer then, Get back to your "why", get back to the core of what made you create in the first place. You'll find joy, the inspiration, your dreams and a level of peace that is unexplainable.

Where can we find you and your work?

You will be able to find my 10X10 Project on my YouTube Channel. Just look for Planet Racq! You can also follow me on Instagram @youcancallmeracq !