Mindful Pleasure in Every Sip

Think sunshine, think laughter, think sippin’ on a delicious zingy brew while laughing in the sunshine, that’s what we’re about


Think sunshine, think laughter, think sippin’ on a delicious zingy brew while laughing in the sunshine, that’s what we’re about

Good Earth is about vibrant, all natural, flavour bursting teas and a range of two ultimate mindful pleasures – Good Earth Kombucha and Good Earth Good Energy.

Founded in 1970s in California, Good Earth were trailblazers in all things fruit and herbal, and we know a thing or two about great taste and the importance of all-natural goodness.

Let’s talk Good Earth Organic Kombucha. 

There’s nothing better than a refreshing healthy fizz and Good Earth Kombucha is exactly what you need. We’ve put bold, delicious ingredients that our planet has to offer into three great flavours of Good Earth Kombucha - Original; Ginger & Lemon; and Pomegranate & Blueberry which come in bottles and convenient cans.

Good Earth Kombucha is refreshingly different, we brew our kombucha from the finest black teas and the loveliest live cultures to create a truly authentic taste – each lifted by a gentle tongue tingling fizz from friendly cultures. Oh, did we mention only 30 cals a serve too?

Make Time for Mindful Energy

We may have been born in California but our pursuit of beautiful and exotic sensations has taken us across the globe. We’re pioneers of flavour, constantly searching for more of what mother earth has to offer. Last year we introduced Good Earth Good Energy to the health aware.

Guayusa (Gwhy – oow – sah) is a new exciting herbal tea base from the Ecuadorian rainforest suitable for refreshing, natural and vitalising tea drinks.  Powered by plants, Good Energy is totally plant based, using organic ingredients and the bold flavours of nature to give you clean natural energy!

We have two great flavours: Blood Orange & Tangerine and Raspberry & Blueberry giving a little bit of extra vitamin C 

All in all, Good Earth Good Energy is a light and refreshing drink with a natural boost of feel-good energy from Guayusa. A great taste with 80mg of natural caffeine, equivalent to a cup of coffee that won’t bust the sugar bank. What’s not to like?

Mindful to Give Back

Aside from being natural flavour geeks, we’re pretty keen on our planet too. All our products are made with care and love for the environment. These values sit at the heart of the Good Earth brand, all our cans and bottles are 100% recyclable!  Recognising the role of nature in helping us deliver some great quality products, we try to give back to the planet through the 1% for the planet initiative too, giving 1% of total retail sales to Bright Green Future, an environmental non-profit

But don’t take our word for it, check us out and let us know what you think, if you follow us on Insta you could be in line for some great prizes too.