Humans of Soul Circus | Part 2

Fall 2021 | Humans of Soul Circus


“What we practice as yoga today is not the complete form of traditional yoga, a lot of what is  taught in the 21st century is modern postural yoga.

Yoga is to do with integrity and aligning your  integrity with your whole body, through breathing, movement and mindfulness.”

A broken back and drug recovery helped him find yoga as a grounding spiritual practice.

In a modern world in dire need of radical change, Stewart Gilchrist advocates for ahimsa* as political activism. That’s why he supports various organisations and charities fighting to protect humans, non-human animals and the planet alike. All genuine yoga is built on the firm foundations of an integral morality.

*Ahimsa is the abstinence from injuring any being, at any time and in any manner and is imperative for practitioners of Patanjali’s Astanga (eight-limbed) yoga system.

Photo by Emily Metcalfe

Stewart Gilchrist

Instructor at East London School of Yoga

West Scotland