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Spring 2021 | Beyond the Asanas


Recorded audio teaching introducing Yogas 8 Limbs from the perspective of Patanjali. Recorded live as part of the Living, Breathing Yoga Series for Mula Yoga.

Take this teaching with you on the move.

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Yogas 8 Limbs from the perspective of Patanjali


Emily Young is foremost a teacher educator, having led undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development programs in sport, health, physical education and mental health for over 12 years at Universities in the UK.

She shares a warm and inclusive vinyasa teaching style, highlighting learner/practitioner awareness and self-realisation through her yoga leadership.  She has delivered retreats, workshops and YA yoga teacher training across Asia, Europe and the USA and is an ERYT with over 1000 hours of registered teacher training with Yoga Alliance.

Emily is always learning through yoga, studying Ashtanga yearly with her teacher Ajay Kumar in Mysore, having trained in Hatha Philosophy in Northern India, studied Buddhism in Nepal and with strong influence from practitioners such as Kathy Cooper, Shannon Gannon, Tara Brach and more recently Raphan Kebe (space and flow yoga) she has received training from the likes of  Dr Sushil Yogi, Noah Maze, Elena Brower, Paul Grilly and Leslie Kramanoff.

Emily holds a plethora of lifestyle and physical activity qualifications and national governing body awards, she is a CHEK holistic lifestyle coach, Mental Health First Aid Trainer, holds an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science and an MPhil in Philosophy of Education. She is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Well-being Education at Edge Hill University in the UK, and has embarked on further studies in Psychology, hoping to shed some more light and evoke discussion around happiness, education, teacher wellbeing and, well, sharing some of why we yoga teachers feel such love and contentment with teachers and leaders informal education settings.