Regeneration Through Work | Vicky Shilling

Spring 2020 | Regeneration


Regenerate: bring new and more vigorous life to (an area, industry, institution, etc.); revive, especially in economic terms.

Regeneration is a word we might more commonly apply to ourselves when it comes to our health and physical wellbeing. But through my work as a coach, helping people start and grow health and wellness businesses, I really believe what I’m doing is enabling people to regenerate in an even more profound and impactful way.

Many of my clients feel stuck, about as far from ‘regeneration’ as it is possible to feel. Trapped in corporate life, commuting, spending less and less time with their families and kept away from doing the things that they love and light them up.

For all our efforts in those windows of free time we have, doing yoga, mediating and eating well, if the core of what we’re doing for most of our days is out of alignment, it can feel fruitless. It can feel like something is still missing.

When the people in my community discover there is another way to work, a way that feels more in-line with their passions and values, they’re excited. The possibilities are all there and in a digital world, within just a few taps on a screen we can see others leading lives and running businesses that feel truly inspiring.  

This is exactly what happened to me in 2016, when I stepped into the world of health blogging and healthy eating on social media, a world totally removed from my 9-5 corporate job. And the path it’s taken me on is one that has opened up possibilities and a way to think about myself that I never even knew was available to me.

But regeneration through work is hard, I’m not going to lie. And that’s because our work lives come with many things it’s hard to shake: societal expectations of climbing career ladders, salary expectations, keeping up with the Joneses mentality and the financial impact that changing course and following passion may come with.

To regenerate in this area takes time, courage and determination.

But it could be the regeneration you’ve been overlooking that, in fact, you need the most.

A lot of what will be coming up in your head when reading this will be fixed mindsets that need to be shifted in order to step fully into a regeneration through work. Money mindsets, scarcity rather than abundance thinking and a requirement to believe that you have something unique and needed in this world, beyond the work-life you’ve allowed for yourself so far.

Here we need to focus on the regeneration of your mind and the stories you’re telling yourself in order to see the change through to the end. A regeneration of the way you talk to yourself, the people you surround yourself with both on and offline and a total reset of your limiting beliefs around what is possible for you when it comes to making money and fulfilling a purpose in this life.

It does take effort. It won’t always be easy. But it might just be the regeneration you’re after.

What needs to regenerate what it comes to your work life? How can you bring more vigorous life to what makes you an income? How can you revive yourself in this area?


Vicky Shilling is The Wellness Entrepreneur Coach, helping you start and grow a wellness business. Her clients include Nutritionists, Yoga teachers, personal trainers, athletic therapists, health coaches and anyone looking to create a career from their passion for wellness. Based in Dublin she works with clients through one-to-one coaching, online masterclasses and a thriving community of health-based business owners.