Humans of Soul Circus | Part 3

Fall 2021 | Humans of Soul Circus


"We have always been into fashion and knew one day we would build a business together.

We shop online a lot and some of our favourite brands are international and when we would buy things online, it would cost more than the product in shipping and customs and if they didn’t fit we wouldn’t dare send them back because it would then cost you again to post.

We saw a gap in the market and jumped at it, I quit my job and we attended one of the biggest Trade Shows in New York called “Active Collective” where we had arranged brand meetings and pitch our new online store Acenla.

We thought if one brand wants to work work with us great, but in actual fact the 5 we pitched to all wanted to work with us.

In the last year we have signed Good American one of our dream brands for us to work with."

Photo by Poppy Middleton

"We’re more like sisters and we’re so passionate about what we do and providing luxury products for women to make them look and feel even better.

After seeing countless women in see through leggings and buying sports bras that did nothing we knew we could build Acenla for women to shop a huge array of styles, shapes, colours and sizes to complement every woman and bring luxury athleisurewear and fashion brands to the U.K."

"We’ve been best friends since the age of 5 now both 28.

It’s amazing working with Jess, we feel very lucky to have each other and our bond be so strong. We really do describe ourselves like “salt and pepper” were very different in what we like and our styles but when we come together we compliment each other. It’s great to have two voices and look at things with a different perspective."

Poppy and Jess

Co-founders of Acenla

Stratford Upon Avon