Glastonbury 2023 with The Pop-Up Hotel


We were delighted to partner with The Pop-Up Hotel to bring The Soul Circus Spa to Glastonbury this summer. The Soul Circus Spa, in partnership with The Pop-Up Hotel, is a unique and enchanting wellness experience that will transport you from the thrilling melting pot of Glastonbury Festival to a grounding and healing space. Immerse yourself in the mystical vibes of Glastonbury, relax poolside, and soak up the rejuvenating energies. 

After a night of dancing, unwind in our wood-fired hot tubs or soothe your body and mind in a Swedish sauna. Start your mornings with energizing yoga and breathwork to center yourself before embarking on a day of festival enlightenment and surreal awakenings. And when you need a break from the hedonism, indulge in a sound healing session or treat yourself to a rejuvenating full-body massage.

In addition we had three very special headline teachers to guide you through breathwork, mobility, stretching and yoga every morning to get you recharged and ready to take on the day! Welcoming Richie Norton, The Mind & Movement Mentor from The Strength Temple, Broga Founder and Celebrity Trainer Matt Miller, and Ella Wroath the founder and director of Soul Circus Festival. 

Mark Sorrill, Managing Director of The Pop-Up Hotel, comments: “At The Pop-Up Hotel, we believe that creating memorable experiences is a collaborative effort, and we are very grateful to have had the support and partnership of a stellar lineup of partner including Soul Circus on board for 2023’s Glastonbury Festival week. Partners like Soul Circus have been part of the secret sauce that made The Pop-Up Hotel’s recipe for success at Glastonbury this year. Through their exceptional products and unwavering support, they've added a pinch of excitement to our extraordinary experience. The Pop-Up Hotel continues to captivate and establish itself as the epitome of luxury festival accommodation, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of staying with us.”

Established in 2011, The Pop-Up Hotel concept blends the thrill of glamping with all the comfort, service, and facilities you’d expect from a luxury boutique hotel for a Glastonbury Festival experience to remember. 

“We’re thrilled to have brought  The Soul Circus Spa, a unique and enchanting wellness experience, to The Pop-Up Hotel at Glastonbury Festival. After a night of dancing, people would unwind in our wood-fired hot tubs and soothed their bodies and mind in the sauna. Mornings were started with energizing yoga and breath work to center themselves before embarking on a day of festival enlightenment and surreal awakenings. And when people needed a break from the hedonism, they indulged in a sound healing session or a rejuvenating full-body massage. We loved having you all at the circus!”

The Soul Circus Spa takes the ultimate festival look seriously. Leave your hair products and beauty tools behind because we have you covered. Our glamorous team of experts will offer a menu of makeup, blow dries, braids, manicures, and facials to keep you looking and feeling fresh, no matter the hangover or weather.