Forget everything you think you know about Tantra

Holistic educators from InnerCamp are trying to break the stigma around Tantra and they're coming to Soul Circus


At first glance, Tantra can be confusing. The modern world has a tendency to take this ancient wisdom out of context. It is commonly believed that sex is the core of all tantric teachings, when in fact, it is just a small fragment of a centuries-old spiritual system. Negative connotations (such as raping and abuse) caused by cults and imposter gurus shift attention away from Tantra being a self-discovery practice rather than a tool for pleasure. 

Pop culture built the concept of Tantra around sexual desire because let us be honest - sex sells. People are hardwired to notice sexually relevant information; they are subconsciously drawn toward the subject that used to be a taboo. Holistic educators from InnerCamp are trying to break the stigma around Tantra and distinguish the true purpose of this sensual art from its controversial representation (think “long hours of lovemaking” popularised by Sting). Alexis Alcalá, the founder of an international wellness community, invested years into scientific research to prove that Tantra is a pathway to self-love, transformation, and healing. It is an emotional and spiritual instrument of going beyond, so that limitations of the body and mind do not keep you trapped. This journey is tied to the celebration of sensual joy and bodily sensations as a source of energy and a means of liberation. It is about learning to use your physical body to unlock the highest possible dimension, where everything you do is inspired and acted upon by a divine state of ecstasy and love. 

Like yoga, Tantra underwent a major transformation by bending and adapting to the current needs of individuals. Tantra is fluid, responsive and always in motion. Thus, it beautifully morphs into a powerful method for self-growth, honouring the true essence of ancient philosophy, which revolves around the knowledge of the Self.

Discovering yourself, and shedding multiple layers of your personality also implies exploring your sexual identity. As humans, we cannot and should not escape our sexuality; it is a fundamental instinct instilled in us by nature. It serves as fuel to awaken and redirect our energies to make things happen and bring awareness into our lives. If you can make your energetic field work upon your heart to become utterly loving, you can achieve the ultimate bliss.

Tantric teachings incorporate ideas and techniques of Ayurveda, yoga, Vedanta, and Jyotish astrology that unite sexuality and spirituality in a powerful mix that leads to a path to personal growth and enlightenment. Over centuries, this sensual art developed its own forms of psychology, consciousness theories, sociological lineages, and ritual systems, which due to its complexity, can be heavily misinterpreted. However, the right guide can demystify all misconceptions and show you how to implement tantric principles into your daily routine to elevate general well-being.

This is where InnerCamp steps in. Their experience focus on providing heart-based solutions for a variety of cases. If you seek acceptance, emotional support, encouragement, confidence, or intimacy, Tantra could be your best answer. Alexis and his team are bringing to SoulCircus a vast array of workshops to help you become more in tune with your body, raise your vibration, and align to joy. All practices are religion-free and embody contemporary ideas so that you can leave all your prejudices and fears behind. 

The InnerCamp teepee is a safe and sacred space, where the only lovemaking we will do is the one with life. We will celebrate bodies, energies, inner powers, and intuition. Moreover, we will learn how to let Tantra heal us in situations of trauma or immune system diseases, as well as tackle problems such as lack of creativity or inability to listen to others. Tantra is truly versatile and perfectly satisfies modern-day demand for vulnerability, empathy and freedom. Come and feel your chakras at last!

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